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Bleach (manga) 354: Espada 00

Holy crap! What a ripoff from Gundam 00?! Now we have an Espada 0. I wonder if Yammy will get quadruple reiatsu output once he features the other 0 on his other shoulder. Advertisements

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Bleach (manga) 350: WTF?!

My first reaction when I saw Ichigo in this form was WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! Umm… In a good way, that is.

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Bleach (manga) 349: The Return of Hollow Ichigo

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Bleach (manga) 342: Death to Ichigo!

Watching this scene reminds me of the scene from the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me where a character (Robin Swallows) was stabbed in the back, shot by machine guns, blasted by a missile in the face, fell … Continue reading

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Bleach (manga) 339: Primera Espada

After 24 chapters of fillers that were the Lieutenants’ fights, Bleach (manga) is finally back to the main story. The biggest revelation in the chapter is Stark = the Primera Espada. Honestly, I had thought he was third because of … Continue reading

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