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Who needs alchemy to create a human: solution

A while back I shared a brain teaser that seemingly can create 13 men out of 12 by shuffling the body parts. The trick to unlocking this mystery is to notice that the picture with the 13 men has each … Continue reading

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You can smarten your mind and your skirts if you’re motivated.

I would so seriously lose any ability to care 2+2=4 had I been a high school student in Japan.

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I’m a loser in love.

How sad is that to be rejected by a pool of people who have already lowered their standards. Was it because I stated I have recently been converted to Haruhiism?

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Who needs alchemy to create a human

How many men do you see? Are you sure? Now, watch carefully as I, The Neko Alchemist, will perform the ultimate taboo in alchemy and transmute before your very eyes 13 men out of the 12. P.S. I will reveal … Continue reading

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Invading New York Anime Festival 2008

Barring from a total collapse of the financial industry this weekend, I and two other comrades will go as Aizen and co. but with a twist: neko-ears!

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