You can smarten your mind and your skirts if you’re motivated.

I would so seriously lose any ability to care 2+2=4 had I been a high school student in Japan.

Ah, I see clearly how 2+2=4 now.  :p

Ah, I see clearly how 2+2=4 now. :p

The title of the post came out of a quote from the news article:

Are short high school uniform skirts in bad taste? Posters urging high school girls to wear longer uniform skirts are causing controversy in Niigata Prefecture.

A group of teachers in charge of student counseling and guidance produced three kinds of posters and delivered them to all high schools in the prefecture in December in an effort to lengthen uniform skirts, which they think are currently too short and ‘‘lack good taste.’’ The teachers are also concerned that students wearing short skirts could become targets for molesters and other crimes.

One of the posters reads, ‘‘You can smarten your mind and your skirts if you’re motivated.’’

But the response from students has been cool, with many saying that devoting such attention to their skirts makes little sense.

The battle between schools and students over uniforms is not new as students have always tried to express their individuality under rigid dress codes.

I so totally agree: The dress code is certainly making me … rigid.


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4 Responses to You can smarten your mind and your skirts if you’re motivated.

  1. Its making me rigid too… D:, but personally, I like really long skirts. The way they swoosh in the air is remarkable!… but thats just me =3

  2. bakaneko says:

    I like long skirt only if the girl would stand over a subway vent and …

    Need I say more? 🙂

  3. manga says:

    Let´s just say that I enjoy both skirts :p Haven´t seen any skirts in real life though… but short or long skirts in anime doesn´t matter. They look great 🙂

  4. AnimeJanai says:

    There are quite a few Japanese schoolgirls traipsing around. You can see posted galleries…. Here is one example of an overly short school skirt:

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