Bleach (manga) 350: WTF?!


My first reaction when I saw Ichigo in this form was


Umm… In a good way, that is.

There has been nothing else in Bleach so far that comes as grotesque and fearsome as Hollow Ichigo—not to be mistaken with White Ichigo, his inner hollow, although they may be one and the same just in different manifestation. This Hollow Ichigo simply kicks ass. He looks fierce with blood etching in all direction from that big hole in his chest, and his pure raw style of fighting—simply moving in and ripping Ulquiorra’s arm off just like that—makes Kenpachi’s brawling look fucking tame.

To be honest, I’ve never found Bankai Ichigo impressive. The dude looks cool in his black tattered, Matrix-inspired long coat, but all his does is flash around and toss power bolts. Shallow when compared with some of the other Shinigami: Byakuya’s Senbonzakura simply looks majestic; Oji Yamamoto’s fiery shikai looks sizzlingly overwhelming already; Mayuri’s bankai looks just freaking unnatural; and Kenpachi, even without his shikai, brawls his way through with no rule, no restraint, no boring.

The only thing I hope now is that the old Ichigo does not get to control this new form too soon, like the way he fucking neutered White Ichigo. Please let him rip a few more limps off the arrancars, the shinigami’s, or, as Panther had said, even the Vizards first. Then, when he gains control of this form, I’ll go catchup on Naruto or something until he reaches yet another new form.


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2 Responses to Bleach (manga) 350: WTF?!

  1. omisyth says:

    I’m all for this crazy Ichigo but it’s too RANDOM H4X for me.

  2. sesshomarulova7 says:

    omg…ighigo is like…crazy…and I thought kenpachi was the only crazy one.

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