Bleach (manga) 342: Death to Ichigo!

Why won't you die already?!

Why won't you die already?!

Watching this scene reminds me of the scene from the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me where a character (Robin Swallows) was stabbed in the back, shot by machine guns, blasted by a missile in the face, fell off a high-rise (and landed as a cushion for Austin Powers), dragged behind a car—all that but yet still won’t die.

“Why won’t you die?!” asked Austin Powers.

That’s also what I wanted to say when I saw Ichigo looking like this.

The fact that Ichigo just won’t die no matter what kind of damage he takes is becoming more comedic rather than dramatic. Seriously, how can a Shinigami survive against an Espada who in his second form has supposedly enough reiatsu to destroy all of Hueco Mundo?

But we know he won’t die. He’s going to live. Not only that, he’s going to win! Why? Because, in his words, he has to. How? Who knows, but he simply has to. What?! Yea, I know how you feel: Bleach has become pure absurdity.


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6 Responses to Bleach (manga) 342: Death to Ichigo!

  1. TOZ says:

    Don’t all shonen series devolve into this? Look at the latest Naruto chapters. Especially when you’ve got a cast the size of these two. I think it would be incredibly ballsy if Ichigo really did die, or if Akatsuki really did win. But that would kill the franchise from the fanperson fallout. So we’ll continue on with Ichigo and Naruto being improbably awesome because of main character status.

  2. Panther says:

    Bleach. Where you heal everything with just a bandage.

  3. omisyth says:


  4. Kotoko says:

    My prediction is that Orihime will save the day with her magic fairies. Because, really, that’s all Orihime seems to be good for unless Kubo Tite does something drastic with her other than having her be the damsel in distress.

    Either that, or someone will pull out some super new, super powerful technique that they didn’t really want to reveal because they didn’t want others to find out how powerful they really were.

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  6. Alex says:

    Light died at the end of death note. So im asuming ichigo may die at the end of the series. Whos with me?

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