Akikan! 1: possible Kannagi in the making

Ok, now I know I have a perverted mind.

Ok, now I know I have a perverted mind.

I’m not sure why there’s so much negative reaction toward the start of this show, but isn’t Akikan! starting out in similar fashion to Kannagi, which most people seem to love?

Both shows start with some mysterious, beautiful girls popping out of some items the guys own, who then force themselves to live with the guys while constantly punching the daylight out of them. But more than Kannagi, Akikan! features a more interesting mix of cast in the first episode already:

For starter, your male lead, Kakeru, unlike other otaku, collects soda cans instead of figurines, and talks dirty to a vending machine. He wishes to end his sixteen years run of virginity but completely fails to see the one girl in his class who is too eager to get laid by him. Also, there’s this guy classmate whose existence, or the lack of, in school is portrayed like a documentary on my own high school life, and don’t forget the gal classmate who pulls a deadly deck of cards from her crotch. Then, there’s the female lead, aptly named Melon, who delivers lines like

I exist for people to drink the juice in me,


If you put more of your juice in me, I’ll survive longer.

Alright, so maybe the sub did not exactly read like that, but who’s to say the sub wasn’t off? 🙂

Anyway, toss in some secret organization led by some guy whose motive is as much after the akikans (cans which turn into girls) as after the young boys who encounter them, and we have a comedic, suspenseful thriller in the making. 😀

My point is this: If you like Kannagi from the start, then why not give Akikan! a chance?


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3 Responses to Akikan! 1: possible Kannagi in the making

  1. nazarielle says:

    Hmm.. has the first episode of this officially broadcast yet? I saw the early broadcast and god it was funny as shit. Fukuyama Jun as a lecherous teenager was absolutely hilarious, especially because I could just imagine Lelouch doing all those things. It’s one of those times when overlap has a hilarious effect.

  2. bakaneko says:

    Oh, I wasn’t aware this could be a prelim. airing. Not sure if it is the “real” thing or not, but yeah, funny as shit. 🙂

    Didn’t think of the crossover, and I wouldn’t know it anyway: I’m one of those few souls on Earth who skipped CG. o_0

  3. nazarielle says:

    Ah, that’s too bad. Usually it can be annoying to feel like you’re hearing the same person again, but hearing Lelouch pull off lecherous lines like that is quite entertaining.

    I was just curious because I watched it about a week ago or something and it was supposedly an early broadcast. If the real thing is out I’ll have to see if the OP/ED are any good. Or wait, was there an OP/ED in the early broadcast. Bah, I can’t even remember anymore D:

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