Bleach (manga) 339: Primera Espada

Oh no, disappoint you did not.

Oh no, disappoint you did not.

After 24 chapters of fillers that were the Lieutenants’ fights, Bleach (manga) is finally back to the main story.

The biggest revelation in the chapter is Stark = the Primera Espada. Honestly, I had thought he was third because of his laid-back attitude. But come to think of it, only a really strong fighter can afford to get away with fooling around like that but yet manage to stay alive.

On the contrary, the kid Captain Tōshirō is shitting his pant upon realizing that as strong as his current opponent is, she is only third strong. Tōshirō realizes he has no room to fool around at all, and so he pulls full force his bankai. Panic is written all over his face.

The chapter ends with a vaguely familiar face: Ichigo Kurosaki. This guy hasn’t had even a cameo for 36 chapters. I almost thought Bleach has changed main character.

With Old Man Yamamoto burning down the remaining of Barragan’s fraccións, Barragan himself needs to get his ass off now. All together, this makes all top four Espada actively engaging in battles in the upcoming chapters. Finally, something to look forward to!

A bit of prediction here: No doubt Ichigo, the guy who seems to grow in leaps and bounds after each battle while everyone else remains stagnant, will finally prevail over Ulquiorra—this makes 7–0 in favor of Shinigami over Arrancar. Although the recent Bleach movie has made Tōshirō somewhat awesome, I would still find it inconceivable that the weakest Shinigami captain can take out a top three Espada. Same goes with the two higher Espadas: both Soi Fon and Shunsui should go down hard. To take down the top three Espada, it’ll require a tag-team effort by the Shinigami and maybe even the Vizards. In any case, after all dust settle, it will be 10–0, an odd score given that 10 Espadas were rumored to be capable of destroying all of Soul Society.

Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Ulquiorra Schiffer

Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Ulquiorra Schiffer


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9 Responses to Bleach (manga) 339: Primera Espada

  1. blissmo says:

    Oh no, but Ulquiorra is so awesome~

    I don’t read the manga anymore, but this is about the only thing I can actually talk to you about lol. So anyway, if Ulquiorra should die in the next chapter or so, Ichigo will no longer be alive because I will cut his head off literally.

  2. Panther says:

    Yes, I guessed long ago regarding the top three and I was right on all their numbers.

    However Ichigo will not prevail over Ulquiorra. I find it quite likely that he will get help. He is not healed after his fight with Nnoitra; he had instructed Orihime to heal Nel first.

    Lol and Hitsugaya was owned in one hit in this chapter, so we will have to see if he can cast off his title of “made to be pwned”.

    I foresee the Vaizards actually helping out, but I wonder how long the flames holding Aizen and the rest will last. Plus, Aizen had said earlier that the fight would be long over before they got out, so it will require the Vaizards’ assistance at least to bring the Espada down, assuming there are no other additional reinforcements from Aizen’s side. It would be great too if Ichimaru and Aizen also attained Vaizard powers, and Tousen, though I still wonder if Tousen is actually a spy.

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    It’s about damn time we got past the filler fights. Lazy captain vs. lazy espada will be awesome. Also, Halibel is hot.

  4. bakaneko says:

    > Ichigo will no longer be alive because I will cut his head off literally.

    Ah, good old blissmo back in full swing. 🙂

    @Panther, kudos for guessing the top three. In regard to Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, the writers will eventually make Ichigo prevail over Ulquiorra. Rather or not this will be the fight is still questionable, but I doubt the writers will risk detrimenting Ichigo’s awesomeness in fan’s hearts by keeping his status as a loser to Ulquiorra.

    Oh, I didn’t think that the buff of smoke was Hitsugaya disintegrating. That is very hilarious, indeed.

    Yea, Aizen pulling his mask on would be totally awesome. Who says there is nothing left in Bleach to scream about? 🙂

    I have never suspected that Tousen is a traitor. His character seems to be the unconditionally loyal type, as evident in the Pendulum Arc. However, I have suspected that his sense of righteousness may eventually start to kick in, causing a turmoil with his other side. We will see… We will see.

    @Baka-Raptor, Halibel is scary too: I will never want my woman to show teeth such as hers. 🙂

  5. Ok dude I totally disagree with that ‘Toshiro is the weakest captain’ bit. Have we forgotten about Unohana? Komamura? Soi Fon? Anyway I don’t think that was panic written on his face. The lil’ dude was just pissed off at being called a brat. We all know how sensitive he is about that sort of stuff. I think we have a lot more to see from Shiro Chan. In the fight between Stark and Kyouraku we are all blind. We haven’t ever seen either of them really fight. My $$$ is on Kyouraku. In just the same way that you’d need to be pretty powerful to get away with slacking off as an Espada you need to be pretty powerful to get away with slacking as a SS captain. What I really wanna see is the Captain Commander fight. Ryujinjakka looks like its pretty sick…

  6. bakaneko says:

    @Sam, dude, according to the Pendulum Arc, Unohana-sama has been there since the beginning of time. She’ll most likely be the most underrated Captain of them all. Tōshirō, on the other hand, has been said that his bankai is incomplete due to his youth.

    True, we haven’t seen Kyouraku fight yet. However, we have seen him take his stance with the 13th Captain Jūshirō Ukitake against Old Man Yamamoto. So obviously, Kyouraku did not think he alone could’ve stand against the First Captain alone. This give us

            Yamamoto > Kyouraku.

    Now, add to the fact that 10 Espada could take out all of Soul Society, you’ll see that

            Primera Espada > any Shinigami captain.

    Combining these conclusions,

            Stark > Kyouraku.

  7. Aizen says:

    I do wonder on how powerful the Primera Espada is. Really, I didn’t notice the 1 sign on his hand when I read Bleach 339 O_O

  8. Oh what a revelation! Stark is the primera but YAMMY is number 0!?! Damn! What do y’ll have to say now? I still hate Yammy but damn!

  9. hangtszlee says:

    10 Espadas are not enough to destroy soul society. 10 Espadas evolved from Vasto Lordes are enough to destroy soul society, but Aizen obviously doesn’t have 10 Vasto Lordes. Aaroniero Arruruerie is a Gillian. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is an Adjuchas, and the rest are probably Adjuchases too.

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