Gundam 00 S2 10: dear Diary by Sumeragi Lee Noriega

2300 hour, my dark quarter in Lagrange 3, cold and lonely.

Dear Diary,

All my brilliant strategic predictions, I fail to calculate that she, a genius strategic forecaster herself, would of course be solicited by the most powerful and resourceful organization on the face of the planet now. Oh, Kati, Kati, if only she knows the blind spot she has created in me!

It’s only been recently that I realize that back in college days I did not want to be like her: I wanted to be with her. With our brains and figures, both Kati and I knew we were in a class all by ourselves. That Billy guy couldn’t have miscalculated worse for thinking he could even lay his hand on the likes of us.

But alas, she must forgive me—for the past few years I had let exactly this lower intellect to lay his hand on me. The boos had downgraded my brains a few notches. (Not to mention my boobs a few letter grades also.)

But anyway, I think I’ve gotten over that. Now, I wonder how Kati is doing, whom is she in an embrace with this very moment? A woman of her supreme intellect and regal demeanor must have drawn a man of lofty aspiration and kingly stature. A man who understands the delicacy of our feminine heart but at the same time regards highly of our steadfast spirit. Yup, there is no way I could have miscalculated again.

On my other aspects of life, I’m still unclear as to where I’m heading. To be honest, I’m no longer so hot about Aeolia’s plan, and I couldn’t care less about Seel. I’m on this ship only because I want to protect Setsuna, Tieria, Allelujah, Felt, and the rest of my family the Ptolemaios crew, not wishing to see any more of my loved ones to ….

But now, she shows up. So much conflicting feelings and emotions stir in me. Whatever that will become of us, I just hope it won’t involve one of us firing a positron blaster cannon beam into the cockpit of the other.

Formerly known as Leesa Kujo


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One Response to Gundam 00 S2 10: dear Diary by Sumeragi Lee Noriega

  1. gordon says:

    interesting writeup in diary style. do more of these ya? ^^

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