Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka 10: Japanese culture is weird

Wow, this is HOT!  (if you're Japanese, that is.)

Wow, this is HOT! (if you're Japanese, that is.)

No matter how much anime I’ve watched, I will never understand why Japanese would find a fully-dressed girl sexy.

I know I should not have expected otherwise, but when a girl wraps herself up fully under a blanket, walks into a boy’s room in the middle of the night, and asks the boy to keep the noise down, what should be the fair conclusion of what she has (or has not) underneath the said blanket? Even though I am not a fan of Yuuhi, my heart was racing faster than Yuuhi can run from Tako-kun.

Then Jun’ichi became my hero: he pulled the blanket away. I nearly blew my load on my precious Macbook Pro. (I’m talking about the green tea I was drinking.)

But, just as Jun’ichi had said, Yuuhi was doing it all wrong. Right before Jun’ichi pulled the blanket, the scene was flawless: setting the mood at just the right pace, raising the temperature in my room no doubt. But what came right after should be recorded in the dictionary as the definition of anticlimax.

Yuuhi should have been butt naked.

On another note, I like the development that Yuuhi is dating Jun’ichi officially. Applying the Fundamental Theorem of Anime Romance, which says the first girl to get the guy always loses him at the end, there is a good chance that Minato will give Yuuhi the foot out of Jun’ichi’s love life at the end. I just hope my shipping won’t jinx it like always in past anime shows.


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2 Responses to Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka 10: Japanese culture is weird

  1. A fully dressed lady can be sexier than a naked one because it leaves something to the imagination.

    Ok, ok, in this case its more like the otaku who make up the target audience for this happen to have massive maid fetishes.

  2. Aaron says:

    Maybe it’s just me — or that I am a re-incarnated Japanese — but that is hot. Think about a super cute girl cuddling up to you like a kitten, loving you so completely. That IS hot.

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