What does it take to kill an anime character?

Rangiku from Bleach chapter 336

Rangiku from Bleach chapter 336

Look more carefully, Rangiku’s entire right-side of her abdomen has just been ripped apart.

Now I am no stranger to Bleach’s ridiculously over-the-top wounds sustained by various characters, e.g. Ichigo sustaining Ulquiorra’s full hand plunged completely into his chest and Rukia impaled by the ninth Espada Aaroniero’s sword through hers, but having half of your internal organs torn out like that looks instant fatality to me. But guess what: no one in Bleach with more than a dozen of dialog lines ever dies.

So far, I have mostly let them pass as a cheap way to make me go Ouch, that must hurt a bit, but come on, there has to be a certain level of credibility, a certain level of expectation and agreement between the writers and the readers, so that when a certain character has reached a certain point of no return, we can feel the weight of the plot pushed forward. Right now, Rangiku might as well just be suffering from a chip of her fingernail.

Initially, I was planning to do this post as Top n Most Ridiculous Hits Sustained by Anime Characters who Survived Them!, but I couldn’t get n to go above the number of fingers on my hand. So, realizing that I couldn’t come up with a decent list, I must step aside and hope that others (omisyth?) will do a better job.

Yup.  It takes only a second to fix that up.

Yup. It takes only a second to fix that up.


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9 Responses to What does it take to kill an anime character?

  1. Panther says:


    Soul Eater > Bleach. Seriously.

  2. lelangir says:

    ~~*wowoowowowowoowo*~~ cue organ materialization!

    It’s interesting how people can fly through stone and survive…but I guess that means they’re either (1) espada, (2) Kurosaki Ichigo, (3) a saiyan, (4) “A MONSTER!”

  3. frog212 says:

    I remember reading in a much earlier chapter. The only way to kill a shinigami for sure is take their head off. I forgot which chapter but I think it was when Ichigo got messed up and Rukia was healing him.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    I could survive that.

    Though I don’t know what I’d want to…

  5. Skh says:

    Her breasts are intact, it’s all that matters.

  6. Shin says:

    Would have been better if her right boob got torn off as well.

  7. Iwan aditya says:

    To kill anime character ,just kill the writer.


    Just like what Baka-Raptor said, The boobs determine the chances of survivability.

  9. blissmo says:


    At least she lost some weight 😀

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