Gundam 00 8: true heir of Aeolia’s plan

Finally, an opposing suit that does not have ridiculously looking horns or insect eyes.

Finally, an opposing suit that does not have ridiculously looking horns or insect eyes.

A few tidbits to get off my chest first.

First season didn’t kick into high gears for me until the Thrones showed up in late season; so I’m glad to see the new opposing Gundam show up so early in season two. I was getting tired seeing the only way the Celestial Beings win a fight was by the superiority of their suits—like in last episode between Setsuna and Mr. Bishido. It’s about time that after 33 episodes Setsuna and co. start maturing as pilots.

And say it I will, "Soma has the best of three asses."

And say it I will, "Soma has the best of three asses."

The Soma × Felt confrontation was a nice touch, recognizing the lost of the Ptolemaios crew as a lost of family members, but the resolution was rushed and unrealistic. I had expected Felt to march into Soma’s quarter with a gun the way Miriallia attempted to shoot Dearka in SEED. (Miriallia was a meek girl overwhelmed by grief after her fiance Tolle was decapitated by a comrade of Dearka.)

I hear some of you are already steaming that I’m comparing 00 with SEED again, but you cannot deny that there are lots of recycled materials between the two that it’s begging for the comparison.

First, the bad boys; now it's the idiots who get the girls.

First, the bad boys; now it's the idiots who get the girls.

Every time I see this guy, I want to puke. Not because he disgusts me—in fact, I’m quite drawn to his idiocy—but because how his dumb-ass nature can win over a strong-will woman like Mannequin. Here is the male equivalent of the dumb blond (with apology to my blond readers) who makes obvious his lecherous intent, but yet he gets not a slap on the face (except that one time, but then he got high on it) but instead her approval of smiles. If Sunrise does not kill either of them first, we know for certain that he will get to bag her.

What is this world coming to?! Why isn’t this in Aeolia’s plan for change?!

Beautiful mansion, ...

Beautiful mansion, ...

... with beautiful woman.  Oh wait, OH SHI

... with beautiful woman. Oh wait, OH SHI

I need some serious therapy after repeatably hearing a deep male voice coming out of that feminine, graceful body. The dip Ribbons pulled on Tieria as he tripped sent nearly my brain into a concussion.

It took nearly an entire first season for my brain to reconcile Tieria’s effeminate physique as nothing more than that of a pretty boy (in the weird Japanese sense), but this drag act he pulled was foul play. Even though I had seen it in the preview in last episode, I thought it was instead his clone Regene, whose gender identity still eludes me.

I forgot Louise is actually rich.

I forgot Louise is actually rich.

All of her saluting to and taking orders from others have made me forget that just because her family has got blown up does not mean so does her wealth. As head of the wealthy Halevy estate, Louise can toss her purse for change and buy half of the Ahead squads.

It is quite glaring how Sunrise introduces Liu Mei into the party as head of the Wang family in allusion to Ribbons’s introduction of Louise as head of the Halevy estate. Two girls from rich and influential families, but both on very different paths. Liu Mei is aware of her assets and utilizes them to their full effects; Louise, on the other hand, is fighting her battle the hard way. At this point, she has made no contribution on the battlefields except for a couple of near disasters.

True heir of Aeolia’s plan

One suit that pwns them all

One suit that pwns them all

Three stages to Aeolia’s plan, does this mean there will be a third season?

The Innovators claim to be the executioners of stage two. However, what is their true destiny as crafted deep within Aeolia’s plan? The Celestial Beings did not have access within Veda of their own destiny, so it can be equally likely that Aeolia’s ultimate purpose of the Innovators is their destruction also.

As Aeolia seems to be fond of fighting fire with fire: using armed interventions of the Celestial Beings to quell other armed aggressions and forcing the nations to unite for the extermination of his agents; he can equally be using the harsh, merciless tactics of the Innovators to oppose the will of the people and forcing them to unite for the rebellion against the Innovators’ iron-fist manipulation.

Of course I am assuming that the Innovators are truly the heirs of Aeolia’s plan, a fact that I do doubt since, as Tieria has stated, the entrusting of the true GN drives is Aeolia Schenberg’s signature, which, like a king’s seal, marks who the true prince regent is. On the other hand, the Innovators have yet shown nothing other than the fake GN drives, while the Celestial Beings own the twin GN drives, the Trans-Am systems, and now this mysterious 0-Riser. At this point, I tend to think that the Innovators are still part of Aeolia’s plan, not as heirs, but as a catalyst to push the Celestial Beings, the true heirs, to the next stage of his plan.

But Liu Mei couldn't care less who the real heir is, she just wants change.

But Liu Mei couldn't care less who the real heir is, she just wants change.


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3 Responses to Gundam 00 8: true heir of Aeolia’s plan

  1. Crusader says:

    Prince Ali will give those CB punks a good ass kicking I reckon.

    The Feldt/Soma catfight was lame and rushed to say the least…if the fight had just started it be great but scant minutes later we are playing nice again…

    Just because Patrick is an idiot doesn’t mean that he is not genuinely in love, considering how Patrick was able to score some tail back in his pre-punch days I think the bloke is serious, it’s not like we have confirmation that they have gotten that far…Besides intelligence does not make for a good person, Lindt is probably one of the smarter guys on the cast and he’s played the role of hard ass XO all too perfectly. So Katie is going to marry beneath her, all women do. If nothing else having Katie’s Patrick give Lindt and Bushido Bob a hard time ought to be fun to say the least. If nothing else at least now Patrick seems a bit more helpful now that he has realized his only claim to fame was surviving rather than making godly kills like Prince Ali.

    I think Louise is behaving well with her money considering how she got a hold of it in the first place. Ms. Wang inherited hers and deposed Hong Long as heir while Louise got her fortune as the sole survivor of the massacre of her entire family. Louise is not longer the stuck up rich bitch that Wang is, death has humbled her pride. Besides it would hardly be nice of Louise to be celebrating the wealth she has given how it was thrust upon her. I am sure Louise would have traded it all for her family back, but as that is impossible she has spent it on the next best thing, revenge. Louise is on the warpath and even if she stumbles a bit at least she has her love of Soma and Ginin to teach her how to fight. What would have been shitty was if Louise became bad ass the first time she sortied at least this way we can watch Louise improve as Saji drinks deeper from the cup of lose and fail.

  2. A very interesting analysis for this one that asks some of the same questions as I have and even raises a couple of angles I hadn’t considered. Even though I was not a fan of the last one I must say I appreciate it when somebody is capable of looking at this show for more than just the lulz factor.

    However, I still think you’re trying to force the Gundam Seed comparisons (which by the way was the series that stole most of it’s plotlines directly from the original Mobile Suit Gundam) onto this series when the two shows continue to be quite different. Reason being that it gives me reason to argue that Feldt randomly running in on Marie with a dagger would have seemed far more rushed and inappropriate given her usual disposition. In fact this episode had far more in common with Turn A Gundam in how Tieria dressed up as a woman (ala Loran Cehack), but since most people’s experience with Gundam started with Seed it’s always the sole reference point for any and all Gundam series now. Lame…..Not to mention that any “recycled material” continues to be solely at the superficial level of core Gundam themes.

    Shockingly, sometimes the Gundam Seed model is not the proper way to go for any and all Gundam scenarios, especially when the one we’re talking about is the more than a little awkard “I love you, I hate you, I love you” thing that Miriallia and Dearka had going on. Actually in almost all cases I would say it is not the proper way to go. Also I would hardly call what Feldt and Marie had there a fight so much as Feldt trying to make sure Marie knows her place in all of this. That said I didn’t find that particular subplot very compelling at all compared to everything else that was happening during the episode.

  3. bakaneko says:

    @Crusader, yeah I do agree Patrick truly loves her too, but so do I with many other girls, at different times of course. 🙂 So why didn’t it work for me? My name has the word baka in it too. 🙂

    All I’m saying about Louise vs. Liu Mei is that between the two, the latter’s story and character are a lot more intriguing to follow.

    @Kaioshin Sama, what made the scene with Miriallia pulling the gun on Dearka so powerful was exactly that no one had expected how a gentle girl like Miriallia could’ve been pushed to the brink of insanity by the savages of war. Through that scene you could feel raw, genuine pain boiling like blood sweating off her forehead. What happened episodes later was another story, but for that one moment, you could taste her rage.

    At least Felt could’ve spit into Soma’s face. She just didn’t appear to me as someone who was confronting whom she thought was one of her family’s murderers.

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