For whom the bell tolls—casshern sins 7

with apology to Hemingway

with apology to Hemingway

Casshern Sins should’ve been a perfect show for a blog, such as mine, whose lofty charter is to attribute meanings to a meaningless world. Here in Casshern Sins, we have a world in ruin; the lucky ones are long gone, the unlucky slowly rusting away—the world in utter despair. Yet, there are still a remnant of characters, Akoes, Sophita and, in this episode, Lizabel, who manage to find a beautiful melody in such desolate world.

The main story line, in fact, takes a backseat to the side stories that have been, so far, humming the actual tune of the show. You can almost say that the main story is the cake that is a lie—it merely serves to bait us to follow Casshern’s many encounters with various characters, each illustrating a different slice of humanity’s hopes and despairs.

But just as in the game that inspired the phrase, it is the journey, and not the ending, that is the true reward. At this point, I couldn’t care less where Casshern would end up. Just show me the spectrum of characters he will meet.

In episode 7, the bell signifies for humanity both the dreams that can lift our spirits but at the same time the cost that can also crush our flesh.

Sound of the bell

It is never enough.

It is never enough.

Owen S at Cruel Angel Thesis said he had initially started his blog with the lofty ambitions of educating what he perceived as a less critical anime blogosphere; that was the bell he wanted to strike for the world. Yours truly also have a bell that I want to strike, as I have already stated. If you have a blog (or any other pursuit you’re currently on), you probably do have yours too.

But the problem is that, just as Lizabel discovered in this episode, what we perceive as a beautiful tone may sound irritating to others.

I have written a few posts, e.g. here and here, that I thought added some values, but nevertheless, they received few hits. On the other hand, a throwaway post with two words and one number surged into my top spot of most hits in the past three months.

Weight of the bell

Is there anything worse than being crushed by the dream you've created with your own hands?

Is there anything worse than being crushed by the dream you've created with your own hands?

Beside the sound it makes, the bell has another aspect: the burden of its weight. To create the tone, Lizabel had to commit numerous sins of murdering fellow robots and extricating their parts to feed to the appetite of the bell.

To what extent do we also compromise and feed to our bell?

Some of us anibloggers have made the mistake that editorial blogging > episodic blogging, and, in the hope of singing a better tune, started to betray the purity of anime blogging that is episodic and churn out posts after posts of irrelevant bullshit that only boosts the ego of the author like a fart to an open flame. :p

Oh how ironic that the bell which was supposed to spread its tune on the height came crashing down and buried Lizabel a few feet below ground instead.

Ephemeral bell

Is this enough?

Is this enough?

The episode ends on a bitter sweet note. On the one hand, Lizabel seems happy. She has arrived at the best of both world: she has maintained the tune of the bell, albeit only within her heart and mouth, but at the same time casted aside its loathsome weight. She is no longer singing a tune that others need to like—she enjoys her own tune well enough.

On the other hand, however; she also seems quite pathetic, singing like a druggie drowning within her own little world where the sound of her bell echos only between the walls of her empty chest.

Subjectively speaking she is in heaven, but objectively speaking she is still in hell.

Has Lizabel not truly attributed meanings to her meaningless world?


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