Is this a different show?—to aru majutsu no index 7

or two different shows

or two different shows

Beside the science-versus-magic theme (which in itself isn’t much of a dichotomy anyway since how is a fire-starter fundamentally different from a lighting-bolter?), To Aru Majutsu no Index 7 feels like a completely different show. It’s as if the writers has said, “Oh shit, we fucked up. Let’s reset the whole show with new characterizations and direction.”

Well, OK, maybe not. Episode 6 did end on a high note, but nevertheless, this episode feels so much like a digression from the main story, that I’ll be brave and say the most hated two-words in anime: filler arc. *shudders*

A guy with a gigabyte in his heart.

A guy with a gigabyte in his heart.

Each of the characters seems to have been body-snatched. Touma is now the Lyle Dylandy of To aru. After all, what is the difference? Now, Touma probably knows nothing of the Church’s betrayal of Index or even the “scientific” nature of the school he’s in—he had to buy a reference book to catch up on all the classwork he had forgotten—and he basically has to find out everything all over again like a new character.

Nice work, Touma.

Nice work, Touma.

Index is still the DFC loli, but she is quickly being displaced by another Vampire-killing priestess with a much cooler codename Deep Blood. You can almost sense Index’s anger at the table as she feels her presence being threatened by that other girl filling the room with her panhandling moe. Moving forward, it seems Index will be shoved aside to babysitting a stray kitten, while Himegami (Deep Blood) takes over as the maiden-in-distress waiting for Touma’s right hand to grab her in the right places. 🙂


Err... I don't think this is a legal proposition. 🙂

Two other characters I will gripe about. Kaori’s absence is just a shame. How could they take away the only woman character who looks remotely woman. On the other hand, Stiyl looks like an evil man turned alter boy, suddenly becoming so friendly to Touma. Who would thought a magician would acknowledge a level 0 esper (and his love rival) as equal so early, much less would work with him to complete a mission. This is quite an image breaker for Stiyl.

What real girls are like

This must be how Eve got Adam into trouble too.

This must be how Eve got Adam into trouble too.

What I like about this episode: Index’s characterizations of girls.

First, I attest that most girls I know are like this: they constantly hint at you what they want while their mouths spit out the exact opposite message. I lol’ed so hard at how fast Touma picked up Index’s hints of wanting to eat ice cream and rest her feet at an air-conditioned place.

Second, after you figure out what they want, girls never want to make it look like they are the one asking for it, even though they expect you in every way to somehow satisfy their desire. Index demonstrated this brilliantly: on the one hand she declared why her training prohibited her the luxuries of life, but on the other hand suggested to Touma how ice-cream may “accidently” fall into her mouth. Them girls just always have to remain little angels, while us guys have to be the big devils out to “corrupt” their innocence.

Third, girls just hate it when you can read their minds but quickly deny them what you read there. The stray cat scene comes to mind.

INDEX (softly speaking)

Hey, Touma…


No. No pet allowed at my dorm.

INDEX (flustered)

I didn’t say anything yet!

This scene drew a tear from my eyes. :_)

out is a/s/l; in is s/s/m/o.

Memo: out is a/s/l; in is s/s/m/o.


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