Luna’s salvation plan—casshern sins 6

Apostle Casshern

Apostle Casshern

Many of you know that in Christianity Jesus is the savior sent to the world by God for the salvation of mankind. What you may not know is that the plan of salvation was not what everyone had expected back two millenniums ago. The Jewish people had thought of their savior, the Messiah, as a powerful strong-arm leader who would drive away their oppressors (the Romans at the time) and restore their ruined nation of Israel. But instead, here came a carpenter who had claimed to be sent by God to rescue the oppressed, but he could hardly helped himself as people were dragging him up to the cross. The sinners thought they had overcome God’s plan.

However, unknowingly to everyone at the time, such was the very plan of God: that salvation would be delivered through the death of the one individual they killed. Slowly, it dawned on everyone what they had done, and they would seek out the meaning of his death, his life, and eventually the place of their own salvation.


In many ways, the plot in Casshern Sins can be cast into this framework too.

It could be said that Luna’s death has always been part of the salvation plan for mankind. The robot army has unknowingly assisted the plan by sending an assassin. On the superficial level, the plan worked: the Ruin that followed her death would destroy all of mankind’s oppressors.

However, the plan has a deeper purpose: just like the Jewish Messiah would also become the savior of every other race, so will Luna become the savior of the robots too. And Casshern will be her first Apostle—well, at least he is on the path of becoming one, and Casshern Sins is merely the chronicle of his conversion. (You may even call Casshern Apostle Paul, whose profession prior to his conversion to Christianity was the persecution of Christians, much like Casshern who used to persecute the humans.)


If we approach Casshern Sins this way, a lot of things starts to make sense. Luna had allowed Casshern to take her life, but not before she made sure she had planted the seed in him for the greater part of her plan. She had kept his violent nature intact but had also wiped out enough of his memory to instill in him a new conscience, a new spiritual life, a deposit of the Holy Spirit so to speak in Christian terminologies.

Who started both the Ruin and the rumor of eternal life through devouring Casshern’s flesh does not matter—they are both part of the cosmic plan of salvation. What matters is their combined effect of sending waves of violence toward Casshern, triggering his evil side, and challenging his new conscience. He must choose to reject one side and embrace the other, and his decision will have ripple effects toward other robots who cross his path. Friender, Sophita, and partially Lyuze are already affected one way when he chooses one side, and heaps of other robots lying in ruins are affected another way when he chooses the other. In any case, the front line of battle is within his heart, which by the end of episode 6 has him seeking out who Luna is, who he is, and where his own salvation lies.


Moreover, the path he’s leading is already being followed by a couple of others. Slowly, more will follow. Luna’s plan is working—one robot at a time.

Dogs can go to heaven too.

Dogs can go to heaven too.


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