A thing called deceit—bleach (manga) 331

Boy, would I love to play poker with Soi Fon?

Boy, would I love to play poker with Soi Fon?

OK, so you’re strong and awesome, but do you have to make your life difficult—not to mention at risk—by telling your opponent the secret of your trump card?

Girl, this is a life-n-death fight with a powerful Arrancar, and you’re a Captain of the Gotei 13 on a mission to protect your fricking King. So, come on, show some maturity as an example to the rest of your squad instead of drawing shame to the name of Soul Society’s famed assassins. Have you not seen the agony of defeat suffered by Ikkaku just a fight ago? Gloat after sticking your middle finger up the Arrancar’s ass twice. Got it?

Don't judge a person by his fat.

Don't judge a person by his fat.

You really can learn a lesson from your own Lieutenant, Marechiyo Oumaeda. He’s nowhere as strong as you, but he certainly knows the art of war much better than you do. As Sun Tze had said:

Attack where it’s unprotected; surprise where it’s unexpected.

And as such, Marechiyo makes Sun Tze proud. He runs around like a fool most of the time, carefully lowering the mental defenses of his opponent. Then before the Arrancar realizes it, Marechiyo is behind his bare neck, ready to drop his shikai bomb, quite literally, for the fatal blow.

That, girl, is how you should fight.

Marechiyo gets ivory.

Marechiyo gets ivory.


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