Gundam b00bs—gundam 00 s2 2

Some seriously looking honkers there.

Some seriously looking honkers there.

And these honkers can switch position to sideway as well as backward too. Kinky. 🙂 Joking aside, Gundam 00 does not disappoint in its debut. Just when you think the Trans-Am system is over 9,000, twice the GN Drives sends it over 9,0002—that’s 81,000,000!

Sweet.  Now just start saying you are Gundam again

Sweet. Now just start saying you are Gundam again

First impression

Appearance wise, it’s your standard blue and white Gundam, with the only exception of the twin Drives, which look like b00bs when in front, a bad case of pimples when sideway, and double hunchback when in back. Main armament shown so far is old Exia’s GN Sword/Rifle, which means the Seven Sword System should still be in place. Another notable departure from the old Gundams is the apparent lack of the light orb in the chest cavity, which may only be hidden behind a new metal chest plate. But with Veda offline, there may no longer be a need for it. It’s also curious that Tieria’s new Gundam Seravee does not seem to feature the chest orb either.

GN shield

The most outstanding new ability shown so far is the use of the twin drives as the Gundam’s shield. Seeing it activating evokes entrancement of pure beauty and awe, especially when it stretches its particles in spirals, blending into the backdrop of the vast universe like a mini-galaxy itself.

Capable of almost instant deployment, the twin drives make 00 impervious to any beam attack. You may try to approach it physically, but I bet you that if a single GN Drive can cause electromagnetic interference at a distance then the squared GN field will cause some serious malfunctioning up close.

360 maneuver

Shooting at Gundam 00 would probably feel like trying to poke at a fly in flight. The movable twin drives allows it to dash across in any direction instantly, making its movement nearly unpredictable. How Setsuna could handle the G-force is beyond me.

However, it seems that the drives can either be in maneuvering mode (shoulder configuration) or in shield mode (frontal configuration) but not both at the same time. So, if you find it zigzagging toward you, your best defense is probably to shoot randomly at it and hope that one shot will land, forcing it to switch to shield mode and thus stopping its advance. I hope these Ahead’s have some scattering weapons. We know auto-tracking weaponries are useless within these GN fields.

King of melee

I have always thought that Strike Freedom’s long range meteor attack, as cool as it looks, is somewhat cowardly. Nothing is as menacing as charging in up close, while dodging millions of bullets, and swiping your opponent’s ass with raw steel-to-steel contact. In this regard, Gundam 00 does not disappoint. Not quite as scary as Gundam Destiny’s in-your-face-and-you’re-dead palm canon yet, but Gundam 00 has yet featured its new Seven Sword System (Seven-Squared, Fourty-Nine Sword System?), which, when coupled with Twin Trans-Am, should make mince scrap metal out of those A-LAWS faster than they can say DONDAKE!

What about the other Gundams

You were awesome, for about 30 seconds.

You were awesome, for about 30 seconds.

The problem I have with Gundam 00 is also what I like about it too: it’s too damn powerful! Seravee, as much as it is also a new model, pales badly in comparison. While the other two models have not been revealed yet, I suspect unless the writers have deliberately nerfed Tieria’s mobile suit, those two will come across as weak also.

We can actually try to quantify how weak we can expect the other three Gundams to be. Suppose x is the amount of output of a single GN drive. Then, to ensure that 00 is more powerful than the other three gundams with a single drive combined, we would require

3x < x2

Rewriting it as

x2 – 3x > 0

x(x-3) > 0

then solving for x and rejecting the negative solutions, we get

x > 3

So, as long as the output power for a single drive is greater than 3 (whatever the hell that means!), then Gundam 00 will pwn the other three combined.

Of course, this just means Squared Drives pwns Multiplied Drives, but maybe later in the series, they’ll introduce Exponential Drives—the good old ex.

Err… Sorry, still couldn’t shake off my nerdy days. 🙂


You are at best a log(x) Drive. :p


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8 Responses to Gundam b00bs—gundam 00 s2 2

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    boobs!! O_O

  2. ghostlightning says:

    i can’t comment on the math, but i do think that the designs took a step backward

  3. gordon says:

    Good thing Louise didn’t join in the battle or else who knows what rage Saji will go into.

  4. bakaneko says:

    @Kairu, don’t you mean (.)(.) instead?

    @ghostlightning, I got too distracted by the shiny b00bs to pay much attention much of anything else.

    @gordon, not yet. Louise hasn’t inherit some freakingly huge … gundam yet.

  5. zenical says:

    i wan the rest (arios and cherudim) XD

  6. Wow. I love the math on this! What i want to know is why Seravee has TWO faces… Who know’s we might actually get a “x^5” Gundam with Seravee as the “head” of the “Tenge Toppa Uber Gundam”. Although I assume that the “x” for exia was much lower than “x” for Virtue which is probably why the GN drives for Virtue and 0 Gundam didn’t match too well. But i gotta admit OO is probably THE sexiest mech ive ever seen.

  7. bakaneko says:

    @zenical, be patient. As soon as Arios and Cherudim grow some boobs (or anything as such), you can be sure those posts are coming.

    @MechaMarshmellow, yes, anything that shapes like melons put side by side will be sexy in my book too. But concerning Seravee’s second face, the fact that it is on its back immediately deduces the solution that for Seravee,

    x = 69.

    No doubt about it.

  8. Sgt. NoOb says:

    “log(x) Drive”

    Best insult for mass-produced units I’ve ever heard yet. XDDDDD

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