Leg jiggling like a frog—to aru majutsu no index 1

With dialogs like this, how can you not go crazy with this show?

With dialogs like this, how can you not go crazy with this show?

The writers must have been on crack when they wrote the script, which I am not complaining at all since I have not been so cracked up by a show’s dialogs or tossed around by its wackiness as this. Every minute of the episode, I don’t know what to expect next. The plot twists and turns, my head spinning as to where this show is going. One moment he seems to be saving a helpless girl from some delinquents, the next he is actually saving them from her. Another moment he is turning into microwave dinner, the next he is equal with a level-5 psychic, whatever that means!

Holy crap!  Are we on School Days already?

Holy crap! Are we on School Days already?

The diversity of the cast is all over the place too. First, there is a East-meets-West between a Miko in the OP theme and a Sister who is your family goat that can chow down anything as gourmet; then there is also the science-meets-magic between a Biri Biri middle-schooler who brags about the Fleming principle (what the heck is that anyway? I thought rail-guns are built using the principle of the Lorentz Force.) and a mage punk who is probably smoking one too many pot. Have I mention the loli genius who weeps in sniffles and the classmate who proudly self proclaims to be a lolicon and a masochist?

You've met your match!

You've met your match!

Don’t forget the unique power possessed by the main character whose right hand can nullify God’s miracles and blessings—in another words, he is the trump card against all the mages and psychics but unfortunately, also to himself as even black cats are too scared to cross his path (although I thought he got pretty lucky with it, laying his hand on Index like that. *blink* *blink*)

Explain to me again why this is a power that brings misfortune.

The best part of the episode is the dialog. The disbelief Touma, the male lead, shows toward Index, the Sister, on the existence of magic reminds me of Kyon toward Yuki in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which piques my interest more, hoping this show will be just as wild as that one. Touma’s feeding of Index with stepped over salami is somewhat funny, but Index’s naively munching down the fermented salad like manna from heaven and insisting it’s all Touma’s graciousness are both hilarious. But the dialog that sent me to floor is when Biri Biri (a.k.a. Mikoto) kicks up one leg and explains to Touma what her electric shocks can do to him. Never thought seeing a girl in a miniskirt doing the frog leg could be so classy. 🙂

No even Magneto can do what she can.

No even Magneto can do what she can.

The action isn’t there yet, but it looks promising. The way Biri Biri rail-guns the coin at mach three and follows up with the electric light show is badass, and she’s only one of seven psychics at a level as high as she is. Then there are the mages and the 103,000 volumes of magic, some of which are shown in the preview in spectacular manners.

I know I’m sticking around for at least a few more episodes.

Blocked it with his bare hand, how cool is that?

Blocked it with his bare hand, how cool is that?


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4 Responses to Leg jiggling like a frog—to aru majutsu no index 1

  1. Mentar says:

    Very well-written review, funny captions – I think I need to come back here more often 😉

    Keep it up!

  2. omisyth says:

    Loli clothes exploding hand. I’m sold.

  3. bakaneko says:

    @Mentar, thanks, I think; you are not just a web-bot rah? 🙂

    @omisyth, yea, high five; oh wait… lol.

  4. Hoshi says:

    LOL. Loved your caption for his powers. Then again, if I were Index, I would have ripped his eyes out. ;]

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