Size matters—bleach (manga) 326–328

flocking huge

flocking huge

I haven’t expected a captain to draw his sword so soon, but the last Arrancar happens to be too much for anyone else less than a captain with his bankai released to handle. In a battle of giant versus giant, Ikkaku, who has refused to release his, has no chance even if he does.

This one has more girth.

This one has more girth.

It is refreshing to see the writers pull a twist in the last of four fights, three of which have been, to say the least, formulaic. It also ups the level of expectation of the upcoming Arrancars’ strength, as the next battle also involves another captain, Soi Fon.

On the story front, oh wait, what story? Since the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, Bleach has been all about fights. It may sound awesome to see so much actions, but I kind of miss the drama too. If only there is better balance between drama and action instead of ten long continuous chapters of teeth clattering followed by ten long continuous chapters of steels clashing.

For now, we’ll have to settle for the nips and bits of battle philosophies. Iba is right: stubbornness is a luxury only for those who are strong. When you’re not, you have no such perks. Duty preempts all your ideals. If the job calls for you to fight like a coward, you have better fucking do so. Ikkaku’s combination of stubbornness and weakness almost costs the Shinigami the war. There is much to learn for Ikkaku. A wonderful lesson from Iba, my new hero.

Iba, speaking like a true captain

Iba, speaking like a true captain


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2 Responses to Size matters—bleach (manga) 326–328

  1. kuromitsu says:

    I really hope that in the next chapter the story cuts back to Hueco Mundo, even if only for the Ichigo vs Ulquiorra fight… at least the plot would advance on that point. (That, and I’m much more interested in seeing Ichigo fight.) If Kubo continues the captains’ fight then that’ll take up the remainder of the year. (Poor Ichigo, he’s supposed to be the main character yet he hasn’t had any action for almost a year and most of his appearances were basically cameos…)

  2. bakaneko says:

    I hope so too. Another four fights would make Ichigo out of the loop for eight fights—that’s sixteen chapters plus the ten from the Pendulum arc, of absence!

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