When a filler becomes the finale—natsume yuujinchou 13

¿ǝposıdǝ ʍǝıʌǝɹ ɐ ʇsnɾ 'ʍouʞ ʇ,uop ı 'ɥo

¿ǝposıdǝ ʍǝıʌǝɹ ɐ ʇsnɾ 'ʍouʞ ʇ,uop ı 'ɥo

This is the first time I’ve seen a series ends with a review episode. It has a bit of everything in which we have been so fond of this show: things like Nyanko’s ranting of being abandoned, Sasada’s obsession with Natsume and thereafter Tanuma’s way of distracting her, the bullying of the little fox-boy, even Natsume’s classmates’ airhead goofiness. Every major character also makes a short appearance, rather or not they have a part in the story of the episode or not. It’s like they’re trying to tell us everyone will go on to live happily ever after.

Well, OK, there is one new character.

Well, OK, there is one new character.

In terms of tone, it is drastically different from prior episodes in that the characters have no trouble connecting with each other, which makes the setting of the Matsuri Festival fitting since so many past anime romances and friendships are formed there. Natsume and Tanuma finally completely cast aside their ice surface and open up to each other, telling each other the things that they do and do not see. It almost seems like these two characters have travelled long in their lonely roads of life, finally found each other, and slowly thawed each other’s cold hearts with each sincere truth they tell. Man, I sense some serious yaoi fanfics coming between these two. 🙂

Nyanko-sensei enjoying the frailty of being among human

Nyanko-sensei enjoying the frailty of being among human

It’s also nice to see the return of the little fox boy—my brain is still having trouble telling my eyes that he is not a she—and Hiisagi’s Hiiragi’s new life now serving others as a blessing rather than as a curse. Nyanko-sensei BDSM is as hilarious as Sasada’s attempt to trap Natsume. And the quiet discussion between Natsume’s guardians reminds us to relax a little and just enjoy this light-hearted episode.

Natsume Yuujinchou approves gay families.

Natsume Yuujinchou approves gay families.

Strangely enough, the Book of Friends does not make an appearance. In fact, i don’t recall seeing much of it in the past few episodes. The thing about the book is that it has always seemed like a weapon to me—the connotation of having your names enslaved to it, the way it is cast, and the effect it has in making the youkai disappear afterward. It does not seem like a good thing. Perhaps, this is why it has no place in such feel good episode. On the other hand, to not show the very object that this show is named for in an review episode seems odd too.

reminds me of Hatsume  *sob*

reminds me of Hatsume *sob*

Thirteen episodes just do not do enough justice for this show. Let’s hope there’re thirteen more to come.

Certainly, a celebration of a wonderful show.

Certainly, a celebration of a wonderful show.


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7 Responses to When a filler becomes the finale—natsume yuujinchou 13

  1. Panther says:

    There are 13 more to come, the second season was announced even before the last episode aired, and the second season will likely start in January next year. Also, lol @ Natsume Gayjinchou, but it was good. ❤ Hinoe.

    Hiiragi is the name of the youkai who followed the kitsune boy, and yes I agree, it is difficult to believe it is not a “she”. The little girl appeared before in episode 11, saved by Nyanko himself out of the pit.

  2. bakaneko says:

    Oh. Thanks for the correction. No new character. So, this was utterly a review episode after all. 🙂

    Good to know there will be 13 more episodes soon too.

  3. viperduo says:

    ROFL i agree its strange that the book of friends wasnt even mentioned once in this episode.

    BTW this anime is something that happens when yaoi fangirls get ahold of it. LOL! The manga had nothing of this sort of relationship going on with Tanuma, or at least until where i’ve read it, Tanuma rarely even appears. Not that i’m complaining of course :P! Everything looks so much nicer and gayer on screen!! 😀 ROFL

  4. Haninozuka says:

    The friendship between Natsume and Tanuma is shown in the last chapter of Vol. 5 of the manga.

    But only a couple of the anime scenes actually happened in the manga. Nyanko-sensei crashing into Tanuma, Natsume & Tanuma at the latter’s house seeing the pond’s reflection on the ceiling, and them watching the fireworks together.

    The parts with Sasada, Nyanko getting tied up, the foxboy, Natori, Hiiragi and Hinoe were all extra stuff added. ^_^

  5. bakaneko says:

    Oh, I had surmised that the entire episode was original work by the writers to conclude the series on a high note. So, at least some of it were from the manga.

  6. frog212 says:

    I enjoyed seeing all the characters one last time. Hmmm will we be seeing more of that old lady at 11:45 next season? BTW I havent read any of the manga.

  7. MisterEd says:

    It seems to me that Natsume is building his own “Book of Friends,” that includes humans, youkai, and other spirits. His “followers” naturally gravitate toward him, without need of an actual book.

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