Creepiest character for quite some times—casshern sins 1

and annoying as hell too

and annoying as hell too

This is the first time a character has killed a show for me. She, or it or whatever it is, was plain annoying and creepy! Half way through the episode, I was saying to myself, there is no way I will watch this hideous face and listen to her whiny voice for thirteen or so episodes. Then I got my hope up when I thought she was going to die, but damn it, she didn’t die! Gee, since when do giant robots have so much tenderness in their death grip?! Just squeeze and pop it goes. No wonder these robots are getting extinct.

So, no. If there is any chance she will return as a recurring character, then pass for me. But I will perhaps watch the next episode—thank God she’s not in the preview—since I have watched the live movie version and intrigued by the premise of the “original human” versus “remade human.” But if the next episode shows even as much as her shadow, then goes this show to my bit bucket.


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2 Responses to Creepiest character for quite some times—casshern sins 1

  1. Babel says:

    You missed the ED then – she’s in that, so don’t get your hopes up. I’ll watch another episode of this too to see if it improves or if it’s just going to be irredeemably miserable (with occasional cutesy/hideous character cameos) or if it will improve into something else.

  2. bakaneko says:

    Oh man, my eyes must’ve been trying to protect my brain; I didn’t see that! Fine, I’ll still give it another episode to see some figment of the plot.

    But if I see more of her than of the plot, …

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