Five more days—gundam 00 ss

The divine

The divine

The honorable

The honorable

The dickhead

The dickhead

Exterminating war-inciting elements, 10/5, 5pm (JST)


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4 Responses to Five more days—gundam 00 ss

  1. gordon says:

    patrick lives again… to die another day…

  2. blissmo says:

    I like the dickhead

  3. Crusader says:

    I hope Patrick lives just to annoy you. 😛

    Besides he’s the only guy we know who is straight out of the series.

    Lastly I hope Prince Ali kills all the characters you care about and cripples your little Jihad-kun and raeps Princess Poverty. Well it will be fun.

    Make way for Prince Ali!
    Say hey! It’s Prince Ali!

    Hey! Clear the way of his taxi cab!
    Hey you!
    Let him through!
    Or it’s you he’ll stab!
    You don’t wanna be the first one to earn his ire!

    Make way!
    Here he comes!
    Sound the bells! Load the guns!
    ‘Cause you’re gonna hate this guy!

  4. bakaneko says:

    Like blissmo, I too like the dickhead. After all, anyone who can shamelessly say what he said and score with his hot boss wins in my book.

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