Ayu as Sheryl Nome

Not that there is any rumor of a live action remake of Macross F[1], but if they’re doing it, then I have their perfect candidate for the role of Sheryl Nome: Ayumi Hamasaki or more simply known as Ayu.

I assure you she sings pretty well too.

Not to mention her classiness, but don’t think she’s all looks. Just like Sheryl Nome, she writes all her lyrics and some of the music too. My favorite piece by far is Pride (Youtube):

“The freedom you have is so dazzling”
Said a girl
“Even if I can’t find the meaning of my existence?”
I answered

Supposing man is a creature
Who is always asking for things he doesn’t have
Ah what is it
That we truly want?

And from then on
The girl continued to struggle
Until she realized she was filled with emptiness
Then She found a new discovery

We always through our dreams
Open the window to tomorrow
Ah although in this world we know
Nothing is certain

Surely in a place we can’t see yet
There is waiting for us a flower
Therefore, before we become disinterested
Let us pick up more speed ahead

Ah… I want my Pride

Even if it’s the end of the world
Even if people say with laughter that we strive in vain
Let us move forward together
Because nothing is as fearful as giving up

There is no better Sheryl. (Sorry, May.)

[1]UPDATE: Holy crap! Less than 24 hours after I published this post, there are rumors that there will be some kind of theatrical version of Macross F. Oh please, please make it a live version, and you know who you must cast as the Intergalactic Fairy.


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4 Responses to Ayu as Sheryl Nome

  1. ooga says:

    heh..somehow when i saw the topic, i thought it was Kanon’s Ayu.

    *imagine: ayu with taiyaki singing sheryl song and going uguu~*

  2. Nekki says:

    I can feel May is cursing you.

  3. Setsukyie says:

    @ ooga: lol..
    I thought of the same thing.

  4. ghostlightning says:

    oooh wow! I’ll feel bad for May’n but, a live action Macross F… gotta stuff a nosebleed now.

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