Macross Frontier 23: killing you means more than staying with you

Hottest villain in recent anime

Hottest villain in recent anime

Grace really has a lot going for her hotness: the glasses, the slender body, high heels, evil smile, the sophisticated hairdo, and the hooter top underneath the lab coat; and if you’re a bit more kinky, the implants that intrude her body and the tentacle arm that can intrude yours should be more than sufficient to tickle all your fantasies.

But if you’re a bit more demanding in your woman and require some deeper substance, then you’ll be happy to know that in addition to her being a brainiac scientist she is also aspiring to change the world! OK, so she needs to massacre an entire species and experiments on a few children, but hey, it’s all for the advancement of mankind, right?

Can you hear me now?

Frankly speaking, her idea of a zero-lag communication network intrigues me. (You have no idea how many keyboards I’ve smashed because of fricking lags in Counter-Strikes.) According to Google, our very own light-speed electromagnetic based communication systems can take as much as 20 minutes to send signals just from Earth to Mars, making the round trip a total of 40 minutes. I’d be smashing every keyboards, mouses, and monitors at NASA if I were to work there as a remote robotic controller trying to pick up a rolling rock on Mars.

I have to inject what into my stomach if I want zero-lag communication?

I have to inject what into my stomach if I want zero-lag communication?

If you think your current digital network bill is sucking you dry like a tapeworm in your intestines, you won’t want to know what Grace is proposing. How lovely would it be to tell your dates, I’ll have my guts call your guts.

Being kind is a sin

Bearing the pain of pretend love

Bearing the pain of pretend love

Sometimes, the best of intention can really cause the most harm. At this point, it’s as good as set in stone that Alto’s true love is Ranka while his relationship with Sheryl is nothing more of kindness. How cruel is it for Sheryl to live with her remaining life knowing that her one and only true love is only putting up the pretense of loving her while his true passion and purpose lie with another? Her words toward Luca,

Being kind is a sin, even if it’s just sympathy.

are also directed toward Alto. Sheryl is not stupid, maybe a bit in denial, but certainly does not need to hear what is said at the rooftop to know that she has never had Alto’s heart, which is why she tries so hard to make every seconds she has left into happy memories spent as Alto’s pretend housewife—even if it’s just an illusion.

I would do anything just to hold you.

I would do anything just to hold you.

On the other hand, she has also said in the same breath to Luca that she detests such false pretense, not because of the offender but because she hates becoming a person who would take advantage of it, as she has become toward Alto, acting as a spoiled child that she normally would not but yet finds herself helpless not to.

These are indeed the weakest moments for Sheryl, who puts up such a tough fronts before the whole world and Alto, but yet inside her, crushing in pain and ambiguity. At this point, she is supported solely by her unreciprocated love for Alto. There are so much talk on the internet about Sheryl living for Frontier and all of mankind, but all such flattery is just bullshit! Leave the fucking sake of mankind to Grace and Bilrer, and look what they’re doing with it. For Sheryl, she would trade the whole universe for one genuine kiss from the only person that matters to her.

She is a woman, not Jesus Christ.

To Sheryl, the world needs to have only two persons.

To Sheryl, the world needs to have only two persons.


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8 Responses to Macross Frontier 23: killing you means more than staying with you

  1. ani_d says:

    “killing you means more than staying with you”

    So so true. 😦 I’m really enjoying this Alto vs Ranka scenario giving how well they get along for the majority of the series. It’s just perfect. I’m proud of Alto’s growth. Now we get to see things “move in a big way”.

    Also, I think Sheryl is better off without Alto anyway. It’s nice to have a person to love but if it’s just going to turn out like this, she deserves someone better. And more than hooking up with someone, I feel like Sheryl shines the brightest as the Galactic Fairy reaching people’s hearts. Very much like in ep 20. I think that’s where she belongs, not on top of a mausoleum singing before her love.

    And I’m with you when you said Alto will play a key part in making Ranka resolve the conflict between Vajra and Frontier lol This is why I’m not even worried about Ranka death. Alto will take care of it. IMO, A kiss would be too good to be true, but I think he’ll just finally say something he had never said to her, then she’ll crack haha It’s so cliche, but with so many cliche scenes that have happened here, I’m not about to rule it out. I do think we’re in for a happy ending or they wouldn’t title the last episode like that. ^^

  2. Xena says:

    “killing you means more than staying with you”

    I was pretty choke when i heard that too

  3. ann says:

    Diagree. Alto had feelings for Ranka, but has picked Frontier and all the people in it over her. Sheryl thinks Alto is only with her out of pity, but Alto has never told her that. It’s not so clear cut as you make it. His his true passion and purpose lie with another? He decided it was with Frontier. That is what is lies with. To protect it, even over Ranka. I don’t think you understand a thing that happened in the episode.

  4. bakaneko says:

    Please review the scene on the rooftop. Alto says that after he had met Ranka did he decide to join the SMS. And the reason?

    To protect her.

    I don’t hear him declaring such passion in protecting the good citizen of Frontier. That person would be Bilrer or Leon (in their pretense).

    Then Alto goes on to say, if Ranka were to become a tool of the Vajra, and her song a destruction of Frontier, then he would kill her. Translation: he could not stand seeing Ranka being used as a weapon of destruction. The subject is Ranka, not the good people of Frontier.

    Then after Sheryl hears Alto’s passion, she sheds a tear. Would Sheryl shed a tear (out of joy?) because her man is such as great man who chooses Frontier over her? Or is it because (out of heartbrokenness) she knows that his heart lies with another girl?

    I really don’t understand this: why are so many people trying so hard to make heroes out of these teenagers? Are they not mere blood and flesh also? They have undeniable emotions too. Or are you all saying fuck with their emotions, their lives are for the greater good?

    Then you’re starting to sound like Bilrer and Leon.

  5. Crusader says:

    Well Alto-hime was talking quite passionately about how the people of Frontier want to live, so it’s not so much he cannot stand the thought of Ranka being a Vajra tool, but if Ranka gets in the way hime will fold bomb her into nothing. My Alto-hime chose volk and fatherland, not Ranka. Hime does not even pretend that he is out to rescue Ranka he is no longer her protector hime will give it his all to protect the fleet. My Alto-hime is a hime of his word he stayed by Sheryl, he will uphold his oath and honor to protect the fleet. If Ranka gets in the way then hime will kill her. Hime is no longer being a selfish little child, my Alto-hime has grown up into an adult with responsibilities. I bet hime would rather take a bullet for Maruyama Kakizaki than Ranka right now.

    Supposing that Alto-hime has been ignoring Ranka all this time I don’t think that hime loved Ranka romantically at all. Given how Yasaburo told hime that he takes on the roles expected of hime then hime certainly has consistently failed in the role of Ranka’s protector, as hime said before one must act with heart. If hime’s performance was any indication then hime’s heart was never really into the role of Ranka’s protector. Alto-hime was also reluctant to listen to Ranka’s song…so I don’t think Ranka has this one in the bag, especially given how Grace is going to destroy Ranka emotionally to make Ranka a tool.

  6. famfiel says:

    You completely missed the point of that scene, bakaneko. Alto said that he had joined SMS with the intention of protecting Ranka, but he also admitted to something else…

    That he was running away.

    Both Yasaburo and Michael pointed this out numerous times throughout the series. Alto never had a good reason to fly a Valk (in the first episode itself, he says that he doesn’t want to be a civilian pilot just because he doesn’t want to be told where he can fly); where Michael had his sister and Luca his family responsibilities to drive them to pilot, Alto was always the odd man out. He came from a wealthy family of actors… what’s his excuse to be on the battlefield?

    Then along came Ranka.

    Alto hated Frontier. He’s said it directly on a few occasions. Up until now, he was simply acting out a role. “Protecting” Ranka gave Alto an excuse to be a pilot. But even Ozma, who originally asked Alto to protect Ranka, ultimately realized that Alto’s path lies with Frontier, where is own path lies in protecting Ranka.

    Things have changed; his rivalry with Brera eroded away his status as Ranka’s knight in shining armorpack. His relationship with the people on Frontier – watching Klan’s tragic love for Michael, seeing Luca’s misguided but earnest attempts to protect Nanase… and most of all, his bond with a soft-hearted girl with a tough exterior who is desparately fighting to live, even in the face of death – all these relationships have made him realize how much he values Frontier.

    For the first time in his life, Alto truly has something that he wishes to protect. His home.

    And that means a hell of a lot more than “killing you”.

  7. bakaneko says:

    @famfiel, hmm… I’m beginning to see the possibility that you and ann (and Crusader, amid all his Ranka ranting) raised. Alto could be choosing a path completely on his own, not one with either Ranka or Sheryl.

    Honestly, I could never see how Alto could love Ranka at all; on the other hand, I have hoped he would love Sheryl—they just seem so right together, physically and in maturity.

    Maybe I’m being slow (or in denial), but perhaps this is just the writers’ way of keeping the ending a suspense. Before us, Alto could end up loving Ranka, staying by Sheryl’s side, or going off to serve Frontier not just fulltime but “full-life.”

    OK, so at least to me, the last two episodes should keep me very interested.

  8. Nexx says:

    I believe Sheryl to be the most complex of characters and so far the only reason why I persisted on watching this series to the end (granted it was 4 months late :P).

    I see the internal denial of truth, the pain of a lie hiding underneath her many faces…. the cruel realization that even with all her glamor, beauty, character and personal strength, she can not win the man she truly loves. A part of me wants Alto to choose Sheryl because of her struggles and what she has sacrificed for him. I believe she singing ONLY for Alto and no one else. It’s unfortunately because I know it’s for naught.

    Sheryl is shaping to be one of my most memorable characters if not my favorite already.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’m getting old but I can’t stand all this teenage saving the world bullshit floating around nowadays. Goodness sake. We have 16-17 years old without an ounce of common sense (let alone pubic hair) enlisting in the MILITARY as if killing was the cool thing to do and everyone is apparently okay with this! Gigantic space battles with hundreds of people dying and we have a bunch of volunteered teenager soldiers going out there and fighting as if they were in a video game.
    /end gripe

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