Bleach (manga) 324–325: Shūhei Hisagi goes shikai

kazeshini (death by wind)

kazeshini (death by wind)

Chapter 324 opens with last fight’s Kira nonchalantly asking the arrancar he just cut down for no forgiveness—a fitting closure on his philosophy that war necessarily violates unapologetically all morality and fairness. Next up, the third of the prelim fights between the Ninth Division Lieutenant Shuuhei Hisagi and the third of Barragan’s five Fracción Findor Carias.

Having been disappointed that Kira revealed no bankai or any new move, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of Hisagi. Of the four “elite” lieutenants involved in these fights, Hisagi is the only who has not even revealed what his shikai form looks like yet. So, if fighting the top Espada’s faccions is not enough for him to release it, I would’ve yelled out foul. Luckily, he did not disappoint.

Hisagi’s dual scythes shikai form is fairly reminiscent of the fifth Espada Nnoitra Jiruga’s release, except Hisagi does not grow four more arms. (Maybe his bankai will, who knows?) However, better than Nnoitra, Hisagi can spin his at such a high speed that one blade can essentially act as an impenetrable shield while the other as a sharp cutting flywheel shredding everything in its path. To top it off, the chain that attaches to both scythes allows Hisagi to manipulate the paths of the blades unpredictable upon the opponent.

Findor Carias, Fracción to Espada Barragan

Findor Carias, Fracción to Espada Barragan

The arrancar Findor is pretty bad—bad as in weak, the weakest so far of the three. He’s basically one lobster claw that pisses at high pressure, no other tricks. His worse offense, however, is to think that his pissing lobster arm makes him equivalent to a Shinigami Captain. Needless to say, Hisagi splits his lobster shell open easier than I can at The Red Lobster House myself.

At this point, the score is 3–0 in favor of Shinigami over Espada since the beginning of the Winter War Arc. If you count the last arc where six of the Espada went down, the score is 9–0. And they say ten Espada would destroy all of Soul Society. This is just not making the upcoming battle meaningful anymore, where the Shinigami antes up Ikkaku, a third seat but with a bankai up his sleeves. Are we suppose to think the next Fracción will be much different from his naive comrades who let the Shinigami lieutenants walk away unscathed. It’s time like this that I wish the writers would not so much try to protect their merchandize sales, but instead, just kill off a few Shinigami lieutenants, maybe even a Captain or two. It would just make the next fight that much tenser, knowing our favorite character may not draw his sword ever again.

The chapter 325 ends with Ikkaku lying on the ground. However, that’s just how he fights: the greater the beat-down he receives, the greater his battle cry becomes. His bankai is similar: his blade requires cumulative damages in order to wake up. The arrancar just doesn’t know that every hit he lands on Ikkaku is coming back to him ten folds.

Some mistake can cost your life.

Some mistake can cost your life.


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4 Responses to Bleach (manga) 324–325: Shūhei Hisagi goes shikai

  1. Panther says:

    Yet to read 325, though I already know what happened inside. One wonders though if Ikkaku is really going to make a comeback, but then again with a predictable series like Bleach, most likely.

    Could Kazeshin be the third dual-wield, considering there are two of them before him? And the reason he would be this strong is Muragame Kensei, likely.

  2. bakaneko says:

    As you’ve said, there is definitely no doubt Ikkaku will make a comeback, but what is not sure is if he will show a new trick with his bankai. So far, his bankai just powers up his battle craziness.

    One other interesting note that I neglected is that Ikkaku does not want others to know of his bankai. So far only Yumichika knows this secret, unless you consider the horrible DiamondDust Rebellion as canon, which I do not. In any case, it would be a letdown not to see Ikkaku’s bankai.

    Hisagi’s encounter with Kensei was pretty short though before he succumbed to becoming a vizard, so I’m not sure how much skills he had received from him beside a 69 tattoo.

    On the other hand, this chapter does include a flashback of Hisagi remembering Tousen, his ex-captain turned traitor, whose similarity of his philosophy of justice with Hisagi’s suggests to me that Tousen probably has a larger part in shaping Hisagi.

  3. Hotarubi says:

    Hmmm, I think you forgot that even if Ikkaku comes back, the pillar is down already, which makes Ikkaku’s fight kind of meaningless already. It is not like he can bring the pillar back…haha, if the pillar actually builds itself back, then it’ll be too much.

    Still, Kira was the most badass, with his philosophy and all, not like the 11th division retards who are ready to even die just because they don’t want other shinigami know of their true powers. How stupid.

  4. bakaneko says:


    Oh yea, good catch; I’ve totally missed the significance of the pillar. I’d thought it was just some random, meaningless pillar that falls all the time whenever a Shinigami flexes their Reiatsu muscles.

    Not sure if Ikkaku had gone bankai or not, but to see that he would choose hiding his bankai over fulfilling his duty to protect the important pillar does not bode well with his character.

    Now I’m excited to see what comes of it in the next chapter.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

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