Macross Frontier 22: everybody does the split

Virgin Ranka won't approve what Sheryl and Alto did.

Virgin Ranka won't approve what Sheryl and Alto did.

I don’t know why the writers want to lead us to think, through Ozma’s my balls haven’t dropped but so what I’m still a man speech, which quite frankly, makes completely no sense to me; that Alto has been and still is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He has never seemed to me to be such. The dude had resisted the blunt advances of two first-tier Divas but instead chose to fly in limitless sky; defied his father, abandoned his family tradition, his innate skill, but instead sought to become a pilot, which quite frankly is still at best second rate despite what Ozma has said; and over and over again, bumped heads with Brera who kicked his butts rolling and tumbling, but yet had never shunned from the Cyborg once. If he had gone with the flow, he would’ve been seeing Sheryl on odd days and Ranka on even’s. Oh wait, he did sort of do that. High five, Alto!

Rebirth Sheryl is woman among women, more precious than any gem anyone would wear.

Rebirth Sheryl is woman among women, more precious than any gem anyone would wear.

With the implied put the chicken in the oven scene, I wonder if this means Sheryl has passed the cootie to Alto and so Alto will soon be forced, after Sheryl croaks, to return to his old profession and sing to the Vajra’s as the next Intergalactic Hime. Come to think of it, there is no way anything could’ve happened since Sheryl knows well the contagious nature of her disease. So, it begs the question: in what form was the courage that Alto gave to her that enabled her to sing Northern Cross for Frontier? I’ll be there ’til the end may sound heartfelt, but ultimately, it’s nothing more than a nerfed I love you; and Sheryl is not so sick yet that she cannot see through his persistent hesitation. Alto my man, you’ve wasted Klan’s words of tears and heartbrokenness. When are you going to grow some balls?

Grace finds her hopes and dreams

Grace finds her hopes and dreams

On the Ranka front, this episode was brief but pivotal. Ranka, with Brera and Ai-kun, arrives at the home planet of the Vajra. WHAT? Yes. The deep blue sea, vast verdant pasture, and yes, Alto-kun, limitless open sky. I guess Ranka must be chuckling to herself now, having found something to top Sheryl in keeping her crush at her future backyard she would call Alto-land. (And no, Crusader. Ranka does not like Brera; so you can stop being all jealous of Ranka. :p)

A place where the Vajra make love not war

A place where the Vajra make love not war

Unfortunately, Brera is on with Grace’s plan. The Second Earth happens to be, as finally revealed, the ultimate objective coveted by Grace, who after terminating Leon’s inept assassins reveals her variable fighter ready to fly there. However, Bilrer is no doofus himself, secretly leading Quarter there also. Leon, at this point more like an annoying dog who doesn’t know he’s chewing a bone big enough to crush his mopped top head, will certainly find some sleazy way, probably with Luca’s help, to sniff his way there. And with Alto at odds with Ozma and Quarter, we have an upcoming five sided war:

  1. Ranka and her legion of Vajra now prone to Frontier’s new weapon,
  2. Grace and Brera who may defect anytime soon,
  3. Bilrer and the crew of Quarter among which may lie a traitor,
  4. Leon and his cannon fodders,
  5. Alto, Luca, Klan, and Sheryl with her newly reinstated voice in competition for Vajra ears.

Indeed, the grand stage is set and the players have assembled. Let the curtain rise!

How many of you want to bet that Alto's kiss will end this war?

How many of you want to bet that Alto's kiss will end this war?


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4 Responses to Macross Frontier 22: everybody does the split

  1. Crusader says:

    If Ranka isn’t all rabu rabu with Brera then she will have no problem taking a swing at him when grace comes to ruin her party on the Vajra homeworld, otherwise… Well in any case Grace will show up and how Rnaka handles Grace will be the biggest test of Ranka to date, so far Grace has just out witted and out fought everyone.

    Well it was a nerfed “I Love You” from Alto-hime, but that is about tje most any girl has gotten.

  2. bakaneko says:

    I think the chance is that Brera will more likely be the one to take a whack at Grace to return the shocker he received from her. As for Ranka, I think she’ll more likely to want to handle Sheryl after she learns what courage Alto gave Sheryl. 🙂

    A guy like Alto who can’t confess properly really should deserve no one. I know, I’m such a coward myself too. Grrr…

  3. Crusader says:

    Again its about as good as we are going to get…besides Han Solo never said “I love you” to Lei in Empire Strikes Back, but he said in the end eventually, I trust it might be the same with Alto-hime…

  4. bakaneko says:

    I’d like to see Alto x Sheryl too, if even just to avert Alto x Ranka; but after the pineapple keiki they pulled, I’m not too sure what’ll end up.

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