Bleach (manga) 322-323: Kira fights dirty

The blah-ness he meant

The blah-ness he meant

Now they’re just milking it.

Quite an inconsequential fight. The Arrancar, just weak—I mean feathers that can pierce through buildings are fine, but if they can be dodged, which Kira did without even requiring shinpo, then they’re not dangerous. His second technique, even lamer: he just dashes at you, which is absolutely the worst idea against Kira whose special ability requires his sword to make contact.

OK, so the Arrancar might not have known that, but then why did he hold back, which he did say he did, and allowed Kira to take a few whacks at him, fooling around in a fight-til-one-drops battle.

At the end of the day, the Arrancar’s demise, as Kira described it, was due to his immaturity in understanding what war is. I had never thought of Kira as the dirty fighter, but I suppose a soldier does not get to define what a war is but rather it’s the other way around. And war is just such a beast.

War is not heroic, not exhilarating; war is full of despair, a thing of sorrow and gloom.

Kira taught him the lesson of the burden of war in quite literal ways. Four strikes and each of the Arrancar’s two wings, already heavy to begin with, suddenly weighted sixteen times heavier. Unable to move, his neck hooked like a fish under Kira’s shikai-released zanpaktou. Game over.

One thing I don’t understand is why couldn’t the Arrancar just jettison all his feathers and regenerate new ones, both skills, as Kira noted, he was capable of. Seems like a plot hole to me, or maybe the Arrancar was just plain stupid.

Anyway, I suppose the lame fight was just a pretext for Kira’s little lecture on Philosophy of War 101, which, quite frankly, carried the exact opposite message of all that Bleach has been about: the heroic and stylish fights. Just two chapters ago, Yumichika would rather die than reveal his Kidou sword, which might cause him dishonor.

At least in the previous fight, we got to see a new Shinigami technique: Yumichika’s Ruriiro Kujaku. However, this fight offered nothing new of Kira, unless you count his so-called dirty fighting stance. As a Bleach fan expecting crazy, awesome moves, I am again disappointed with another battle falling way short.

Can we just get the remaining two boy’s-fights over with and move onto the real man’s fights?

Moonlighting as a shaving barber

Kira only shaves those who don't shave themselves.


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2 Responses to Bleach (manga) 322-323: Kira fights dirty

  1. frog212 says:

    I love this chapter, I happen to like Kira. At first I didnt like him for being such a fool and attacking Matsumoto. The meaning that war is sorrow and gloom just made sense and explains his demeanor. Although I still do think that the shape of his sword sucks. My favorite minor character is Tatsuki – yup I’m wierd.

  2. bakaneko says:

    Tatsuki, eh? That’s cool. Mine is Kon.

    Why are you laughing? :p

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