Strike Witches 8: the men behind the witches

I'd sure love to walk home into this too.

I'd sure love to walk home into this too.

There was something on Strike Witches 8 that I thought I would never see—men, boat load of men, aircraft-carrier load of men. Too bad none of that testosterone got to mix with any of the estrogen, thanks to a certain orange hair commander who lost hers and now would not let anyone else get any.

Poor Yoshika

Poor Yoshika

Unlike in real life, this is the first time I’ve seen sailors who would rather keep their hands on cold steel rather than on warm flesh despite of a half naked girl walking in offering her melons homemade sweets. Well, at least one dude was brave enough to deliver a rabu reta (love letter).

Love letter from a sailor?

Come on, all these sailors just seemed like virgins! So, who said this isn’t a family show? 🙂

OMG!  These are MEN on Strike Witches---the show, not the actual girls.

OMG! These are men on Strike Witches—the show, not the actual girls.

Anyway, Minna seemed to have more than just a fling with some very lucky guy, who got tired of an overly serious bitch and faked his death sent her off to Britannia while staying behind, sealing his fate. The rest of the plot was as nonsensical as her brooding over her inability to let go and therefore forbidding any other witch from nearing any male. For someone who has been in the mature, motherly role, she seemed pretty immature and childish here.

Mmm...  love the long barrel guns with the two round loaders.

Mmm... love the long barrel guns with the two round loaders.

The battle made up for the lack of from last week. We got to see Perrine’s special attack of lightning, or at least it seemed like lightning. Hartmann and Barkhorn played their little game of who gets more kills, something I suppose many fellow pilots did do too during WWII. I also appreciated the tactical aerial move of the Neuroi attacking with the sun behind it, blinding Mio’s special sight. Yoshika’s “lead-shooting,” where you shoot ahead of the predicted path of the enemy causing a stream of bullets that formed an arc like path, was very accurate of WWII’s battles where the velocity of the bullets wasn’t so great that you can just aim straight at the target.

Then the battle ended in a surprising, foreshadowing scene where Mio’s shield did not hold up against the shrapnel from the destroyed Neuroi. At this point, it’s still mysterious as to why that happened and where it may lead to, other than possibly her impending death.

OH SHI ...

OH SHI ...

But the more surprising and mysterious scene was that of Minna, on one hand, declaring she won’t lose anyone else, and the next, pointing a gun at Mio. Judging from the preview, which showed Mio and Minna together in peaceful ways, it looks like Minna was just teasing with Mio. However, I wish she wasn’t just teasing, since this is the first time I feel like there is an actual plot here, one of possible epic betrayal. All those fan services must have numbed all my senses of anticipating this plot twist, which I hope does become one.

~mama mia~

~mama mia~


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6 Responses to Strike Witches 8: the men behind the witches

  1. Anonymous says:

    Last screencap: “…and it was thiiiiis big!”

  2. bakaneko says:

    LOL, good observation. They sure are big. 🙂

  3. DjJuvan says:

    I think you forgot something…. When they were attack by that rubikon (or whatewa that shape of aircraft was), there was something wrong when they destroyed the core…. Minna had a strange look for a sec, when some particles crushed in to Mio’s shield…. i wonder, has that anything to her betrayer, or Mio was possesed by something?

  4. bakaneko says:

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Rewatching it shows Mio’s shield got broken before they acted surprise.

    So, what betrayer? possession?

    What am I missing?

  5. BlueZodiac says:

    I know I am kinda late for giving off comments for this episode but still I would like to give something to say about this…

    Uhm… I think Minna not allowing to have the girls communicate with men it’s because once they have some special attachment to anyone, they would feel the same way as Minna did.
    It’s just a way to show that Minna cares for her co-witches.

    And the scene where Minna points a gun at Mio, well… It’s not some kind of betrayal…
    She cares for Mio deeply and she doesn’t wanna lose one of the Strike Witches closest to her.
    It just goes to show that she just want to let Mio avoid some tendencies in dying, because of what she noticed during the battle a while ago that her shield partly didn’t work.
    She’s nearing an age limit of being a Strike Witch so definitely Minna has to do something.
    (Although pointing a gun may not help). Ha Ha Ha!

  6. bakaneko says:

    Oh… that’s some good intention on Minna’s part; I had almost thought it had to do with some male proteins that can disable the witches’ power once they get introduced into their bodies. 🙂

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