Macross Frontier 20: Michel you coward

You. deserve. it.  *sob*

You. deserve. it. *sob*

I’m too much of a coward.
You can never tell when people are going to die.
Especially because we’re pilots.
My only matches are those I don’t really care about.
Getting serious is too frightening.

—Michel, episode 19.

P.S. I blame this completely on Ranka, who in her selfishness that she called love sang in distress which resonated in the swarm. I hope she had burned the image of this death deep in her mind for eternity to come.

P.P.S. After I recompose myself, I’ll write a more comprehensive post.

memento of the ultimate expression of love

memento of the ultimate expression of love


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7 Responses to Macross Frontier 20: Michel you coward

  1. ann says:

    Hell yes, blame Ranka. I’m surprised more people don’t

  2. Nellie says:

    Agreed. How dare Ranka fall in love and then get upset because she saw her love with another girl. Ranka needs to get her act together. She needs to understand that she has to sacrifice her emotions, love and life to save everyone. In fact, if another person dies it will be her fault.

    She is completely unprofessional and I don’t care if she just got into professional singing. Also, just because they drew her to look 12 years old is no excuse to be such an emotional teenage moeblob.

    Ah, she frustrates me. Why can’t she be a clone of Sheryl instead? Two Sheryl’s would be awesome! Redundant, but awesome.

    I shouldn’t let her existence get me so upset. Good thing she is just a disposable side character with no importance to the main storyline. I’m just glad they decided to not give her as much character development as they did Sheryl. She doesn’t deserve it!

  3. Loligoth_Powered says:

    They’re blaming her because she ordered the Vajra attack, albeit unintentionally

    This thing has happened before in another mech show called Code Geass in which the main character accidentally started a chain of clusterfuck events.

    Well, the audience didn’t give him a free pass, either.

  4. bakaneko says:

    @ann, where are those Ranka fans anyway? I’ve only seen blissmo at Yukan Blog and Shin at Atarashii.

    @Nellie, I’m afraid the writers are going to disappoint you when the remaining six episodes or so will be mostly to develop Ranka into Macross F redeemed savior. It seems pretty much that Sheryl’s arc is all but over except for one last revelation on her relationship with Alto. Otherwise, it’s all Ranka from this point on.

    @Loligoth_Powered, maybe I’m being too harsh but thousands, if not more, lives lost because of her own self-center conceit was a bit hard for me to forgive and forget right away.

  5. Haesslich says:

    They’re blaming Ranka because she’s been waiting around like an idiot, shown no character development since Episode 12, and when everyone was fighting and dying around her could do little more but whine about how things weren’t fair.

    Seriously – she was upset she didn’t know anything about Alto in episode 10… but what does she do? Does she pump Grace for info, the way Sheryl did? Does she talk to him about his past? Or does she just sit there and wait for Alto to run up to her confessing love… only to get disappointed that he didn’t do that, and when she finds him he’s standing with another woman? Um… Alto’s not a magical mindreading princesss, and he didn’t have any obligation to chase after her confessing his love since he didn’t even KNOW about her interest being the thick-skulled lout he is.

    And THEN she says she wants to die because of that disappointment… which was the trigger for the Vajra to attack all the humans. After that, she doesn’t do a damned thing – not even look scared of the Vajra. No, she can only think how she wants to be dead even as other people are trying to live (and are dying) around her, even when her best friend gets caught by shrapnel and gets separated from the group, even as Klein and Mikhail try to arm themselves to fight for HER life… and when she’s all alone with Alto can think only of Brera-nii, since objective #1’s been secured (Alto in sight) and now she wants to know where objective #2 is.

    Ozma Lee, you failed as a parent if you overprotected her to the point where she can’t even handle a little disappointment and where she expects everything to be handed to her.

  6. Shin says:

    Chances are blissmo has jumped ship too. :<

  7. bakaneko says:

    @Haesslich, you spoke words that ring so true. I agree with everything you said before the last paragraph. No matter her age, she fucked up big time and must be reprimanded—to say the least.

    On the other hand, I think you were too harsh on Ozma. First of all, I kind of doubt that he took on his role as a nurturer rather than as a repenter for his inability to protect the Research Fleet she was in. Second, I’m not too sure about the overprotective part either, since after all, he did let her flew on a few sorties that he didn’t want her to. He seemed to me to have a good balance of worrying about her but letting her make her own decisions.

    @Shin, blissmo and crew at Yukan seem to be MIA. I’m kinda concern what happened there.

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