Macross Frontier 19: cliché galore

seen it over 9,000 times already

how original

As the remaining quarter of the show ushers in, so is the remaining quarter of Ranka’s blood at the verge of entering center stage. But for someone who seems to have everything already, something catastrophic needs to happen to force her to turn to the monstrosity hidden in her.

So, what did the writers use for this plot device?

Tsk Tsk Tsk.

This is just plain lazy of the writers. Or perhaps they’ve spent so much on the awesome battle scenes, which I totally tip my hat off to, that they had little left to buy a more decent plot.

And the plague of cheap overused clichés was not quarantined to only the did she just fell into your arms? roof scene. Others were

  • You remind me of my dead mom.
  • Oversized glasses mask who I am despite of my glaring green hair.
  • I do your homework in exchange for you be my date.
  • You got all my criminal evidence but too bad you’re exactly one step too late.
  • Magical new bomb that requires almost no research time.
  • JFK assassination.

For a show which tried to be different with the curveball they threw in the pineapple cake episode, it surely reverted back big time in this episode.

Probably the best trap in anime

Probably the best trap in anime

Setting the stage

But of course, this is just the transition episode to set forth all the explosive actions to come. Surely, all the fuses are lit: Ozma and Cathy have revealed their hole cards to Leon. Michael and Klan have uncovered Grace’s connection to some viral experiment. Leon has started the coup. And Ranka’s entire investment of hope and dream that is Alto has returned with what she must deem at this point as utter betrayal.

Even Aimo has taken a turn of transformation, something that Ranka will very soon take part of in a drastic way also.

So, for those of you complaining a stagnant development of Ranka’s character, watch out what you ask for! She may change more than just personality. All hail the coming of Queen Ranka (NSFW).

"You know that old man's voice in my head?  That's Kawamori.  Ho ho ho ho..."

"You know that old man's voice in my head? That's Kawamori. Ho ho ho ho..."


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One Response to Macross Frontier 19: cliché galore

  1. Square says:

    Considering the whole series is a homage to all the other macross shows just about everything in it has been used before 😛

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