Strike Witches=NSFW

I hope you're not watching this at work.

Apparently, some poor soul surfing the internet today stumbled upon my post on Strike Witches 7 and was unpleasantly surprised by his boss catching him masturbating reading the post.

Well, I made up the last part about the boss, but the said individual did exist and seemed shocked by the content enough to sent me an email trenchantly stipulating that I should’ve tagged the said post NSFW.

Oh come on, it's not that bad.

For those of you who may not frequent sites such as where the term is quite ubiquitous, NSFW means click me I’m all about sex! not safe for work, a tag not necessarily so much for the risque content as for the risk of getting fired if caught viewing at work.

Now, why any individual who is concerned about being caught would click through a link titled Strike Witches 7: gone commando is beyond me, but as a public service announcement, as if this show needs it, I, bakaneko, hereby, declare that

all posts on this site on Strike Witches are and shall be NSFW.

There, happy?

—From the staff of nekodan.

P.S. He could’ve argued that it was merely research on distinctive interpretations of WWII.

Quick!  Hit the boss button!

Quick! Hit the boss button!


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5 Responses to Strike Witches=NSFW

  1. Koll says:

    Screw the public announcement. People should know that surfing the web for anything not work-related at work is NSFW. What a dumbass (to the emailer, not you).

  2. bakaneko says:

    Good point, Koll.

  3. bluemist says:

    Ah, the magic of Opera browser, where I can disable showing of images with one click.

  4. Dorne says:

    Really, I have to use two clicks to open the show images choices, then no images. Clicking it just changes it to cache mode. Where do you click?

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