Strike Witches 7: gone commando

Sunshine up your ...

Sunshine up your ...

I knew this would come, but I had thought it would happen in some dramatic fashion over some life-and-death moment at some high octane battle instead of this hopping pantsu-thief dance on a breezy summer day. Moreover, I had expected only one to go the way of Britney, Paris, and Lindsay, but to my (pleasant) surprise, we got four:

Erica Hartmann

Can't touch this Erica Hartmann

Perrine-H. Clostermann

Slippy soap bar Perrine-H. Clostermann

Yoshika Miyafuji

Fig leaf Yoshika Miyafuji

Francesca Lucchini

Sunshine Francesca Lucchini

Of course, there are other eye openers in the episode. Plenty of panties, enough to rival the first episode; and when the girls were keeping their beavers covered, they did so with another girl’s panty. Oh the chase, the switch, and the tug, I feel dirty…

Only with two girls can this scene work.

Only with two girls can this scene work.

But, the best moment for me was—like how the best horror shows are those that implies rather than shows—when Minna, realizing Yoshika was not wearing any panty, immediately offered up hers and pulled her panty down in front of everyone in the room. Yoshika’s reaction spoke it all.

Party pooper

Party pooper

As to the big bad Neuroi of the week, there was none. Nevertheless, Strike Witches 7 did not feel much different from the other episodes. This goes to show how superfluous those Neuroi’s are. The fan services are all nice, but do they have to shove aside the plot, which does have potential with its heavy parallelism with WWII events and characters?

Instead of a Neuroi, we got an imp of the week.

Instead of a Neuroi, we got an imp of the week.


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3 Responses to Strike Witches 7: gone commando

  1. anonymous says:

    I believe someone found out that this is actually a parody to a WWII event where the RL counterpart of Erica “borrowed” Hilter’s hat because he didn’t have his….

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  3. Kadian1364 says:

    “This goes to show how superfluous those Neuroi’s are.”

    Pretty much Strike Witches in a nutshell. The only WWII era re-visioning I know where the Nazis are moe, the pilots are pantless, and the bad guys don’t matter, ever.

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