Natsume Yuujinchou 6: too unreal even for Disney

Because this is anime.

Because this is anime.

As much as I felt warm and fuzzy with the positive message of living your best no matter how rough life gets, I couldn’t help but snickered at the unbelievable characterizations in NatsuYuu 6.

Boys and girls, if some shady adult were to lead you by your hand and promise you fun and excitement, do NOT follow them! No amount of your great character will convince them to let you go—much less, in contrary, to help you later—for they will EAT you live and spit out your bones dry.

And life is a bitch who has a way of wearing down even the most faithful, so that to believe how Tsubame, despite having been dunk into the shit pool that was life again and again, never even once faltered in her ability to smile, was as much as asking me to believe that if I were to put my hand deep into a mud pit, my hand would nevertheless come out spotlessly clean.

What bothered me was that Tsubame seemed to be like a leper: incapable of feeling pain. When she finally caught up to the guy she wanted to see but could only babble into thin air, unable to be seen by him; I couldn’t help but to feel what Natsume also felt: why was life so damn harsh on her? And when she was finally able to be seen by him but had gotten so weak that she could not speak to him, I again couldn’t help but to have the same feeling again. Nevertheless, she never shed a tear as if she had no pain receptors.

But then again, I did enjoy this episode. It was quite poetic to see how Tsubame started the episode looking like the spooky, long straight hair monster Sadako in The Ring, then losing the hard mask to reveal half her face covered by a veil, which she would finally lose by the end of the episode revealing a gentle, beautiful girl.

It was also refreshing to see the plot changed. There was no name-whiffing climax that would mysteriously defeat the ayakashi of the week. In fact, the girl youkai that I’ve been calling Tsubame probably did not even have a proper name as the word Tsubame (燕) simply meant “swallow,” which she was one.

Now if only the writers would not only bring in the Goodie Two Shoes youkai’s…

A rare flower, untainted by the bitterness of life

A rare flower, untainted by the bitterness of life


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5 Responses to Natsume Yuujinchou 6: too unreal even for Disney

  1. lbrevis says:

    Well her loving nature was explained by the fact that she was rescued by that guy. Had he not been kind to her she probably would’ve ended up as a malignant spirit instead of such a gentle one.

    Yeah, that’s not a particularly realistic explanation but at least they had one…? I wasn’t really bothered by it, I was too busy being turned into emotional jello-o.

  2. biankita says:

    if this has been disney, they would have made tsubame and natsume fall in love and nyanko-sensei spontaneously burst out into song. -_-”’ thank god this is an anime… XD

  3. bakaneko says:

    @lbrevis, that’s really a big stretch. The good deed of one person to erase all the other shit combined? Who does that guy make himself out to be, Jesus? And even in that case, Mother Teresa, the saint herself, was found to have struggled with her faith having witnessed the unceasing pain in the countless people she served.

    Tsubame’s characterization was just unbelievable.

    @biankita, LOL. That is so true. A typical Disney movie formula. But it would’ve been awesome to see nyanko-sensei to break out into a musical though.

    All right, I retract, NatsuYuu is only too unreal for anime. 🙂

  4. Ez says:

    A rare flower indeed.

    Hmm, I guess it’s all the the said persons character. Although I agree that some most people would be disheartened when faced with such situations, it’s only natural for them to get up and press on again.

    Unless I’m wrong, Tsubame had a really long time to think her actions through. The kindness of one person could definitely make a difference for someone whose lost all hope.

    And bursting out into song?! Say it ain’t so! \(*o*\)

  5. bakaneko says:

    @Ez, I don’t think the message was so much about the difference one person’s kindness can produce as about Tsubame’s undeniable faith to love life. This was evident in how Natsume admired Tsubame and thanked her at the end of the episode, saying, “I like a soul that does its best to live, no matter what the situation.”

    Never once did he complimented the other guy’s kindness.

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