Strike Witches 5: Yoshika the predator

The need for melon

The need for melon

Did you know that there’re species of frogs which, when cast into an ecosystem where one sex dominates the other in numbers, would spontaneously cause in some of its members to change sex?

Well, on the 501st base of operations in the Britannian territory of Strike Witches, a show whose closest male lead still exists only within a three by five inch picture frame, there are changes happening among the girls, among which Yoshika is experiencing some very glorious metamorphosis.

Had her dream been about a certain male organ, it would’ve made more sense (but less humorous). The opening scene was just pure gold and should be a future reference on how insinuating thoughts with multiple interpretations is certainly more delicious than cheap, outright porn. So you see, fan services is not mere cartoon porn, it’s cartoon porn with style!

Rear entry!

Rear entry!

For those of you disappointed (why?) that Yoshika wasn’t dreaming about that certain male organ, then the way in which the Neuroi of the week was taken out should’ve certainly tickled your fancy. 🙂

Strike Witches, the most entertaining new show this season. :p

Urges satisfied

Finally, urges are met!


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2 Responses to Strike Witches 5: Yoshika the predator

  1. Ray says:

    It sure is fun to watch Yoshika getting soft core on us.

  2. Shin says:

    I hate Yoshika! She’s touched more boobs in 3 episodes than I have in my entire 21 years of existence ):

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