Macross Frontier 15: Intermission

One is a failed project—to be replaced by the other.

The opera that is Macross F has entered into an intermission or otherwise known as recap episode. But before you cry, “filler crap!” this was one captivating, refreshing recap. OK, “refreshing recap” may sound like an oxymoron, but the writers made it worked by revisiting old scenes from a new revelatory perspective of Grace, which confirmed many old hunches as well as raised new questions.

The Grace Collective

I think I’m developing a schizophrenic-cyborg fetish.

Within Grace’s inner “monologue,” I counted four distinctive and independent voices: an old man who seemed to have made an agreement with the protoculture, Grace who didn’t mind destroying her own homeland, a young man who teased one of the other voices for an oversight, and a young girl who jokingly complimented herself for admitting her errors outspokenly. These entities do not seem to have always been together, as entity Grace appears to have her origin at Gallia-4 and the playfulness of the two young voices would suggest they are of relatively young age.

If one of the entities has manifested in a body as Grace, then it’s likely the other three entities have manifested in some other bodies also. Now my ears are not good enough to identify which other characters have these voices, but scanning the end credits I saw in the cast list

少女 ー 福原香織

which reads, “Young Girl – Kaori Fukuhara” and Kaori Fukuhara happens to also voice Ram Hoa, the bridge officer of the SMS Macross Quarter who is in charge of communication and weapon controls. Maybe it’s just the case of a seiyuu playing multple roles; maybe it’s not.

As for the other two names, I couldn’t find a match with the rest of the cast, but I do know they do not match Leon’s seiyuu’s name. It couldn’t have been Leon anyway, since awhile back we saw Leon meeting up with Grace in a restaurant conducting a face-to-face conversation, which we know these entities do not need in order to communicate with each other. It couldn’t have been Pillard—the boss of the SMS private army—either since it wouldn’t make sense why you would question yourselves trying to pull Alto in. If they haven’t shown up yet, they probably will in the second half of the series.

This definitely means Sheryl has Vajra implants too.

Anyway, whoever they are and whatever their pasts may be, they have a common goal: To set the world a certain dream stage that not even the protoculture in all of their 500,000 years of history have managed to accomplish.

Life is but a stage

Come on, sing! Alto-hime.

OK. That little sing-off between Ranka and Sheryl was way hawter than a double lap-dance—not that I would know what’s like. 🙂 How Alto can still stand straight up like that is beyond me. Those years of training as a kabuki hime must have nerfed his ability to salute. 😉

Wait, did I accidently switch channel to Strike Witches?

As much as he hates to be considered an actor, however, Alto is inevitably casted as such but with the difference that the emotions and consequences will not cease at the moment the director yells cut. While he can still act dumb and turn a blind eye to either Ranka’s or Sheryl’s obvious advances, he won’t be able to ignore the scene when one day he would have to face up to Ranka the way he had to with the first Queen of the Vajra whom he destroyed. The stage is set for hatred vs. love.

Brera, with his new seeds

His skill may not be his actual raison d’être.

Whom does the queen bee get mated by? The male drones of course. Whom does Ranka get protected by? Brera of course. Is it a coincidence that Brera thinks of Ranka so much? Not if Grace had anything to do with it.

Brera’s upbringing with Ranka may have always been part of a project to inseminate the future queen code-named Q1. If that is indeed the case, there is going to be some serious drama adding to an already complicated stage of love triangle.

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
a beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?”


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7 Responses to Macross Frontier 15: Intermission

  1. blissmo says:

    I really can’t wait for the love tension to grow! I think Brera needs to suicide with Ranka and Alto

  2. bakaneko says:

    HAHA. I also really can’t wait for your suicide bunny rendition of the Macross F finale.

  3. blissmo says:

    LOL! I think I’ll wait for the next episode after this one since I have nothing to say about episode 15 besides RANKA WILL BEAT SHERYL AND WIN ALTO-HIME!

  4. Crusader says:

    I doubt that Ram is evil, given how they did have to let the animation quality drop I think don’t that it was more than a cost saving measure. Besides I am sure Bobby would have sniffed her out as a spy and that Mr. Pillard would let an agent slip into such an important position. Even if Ram is an agent I am sure that she will fall head over heels for Alto-hime and join Ai Ai Alto-hime. Besides it seems that Ram was there for some time so if she was an agent she would have been able to accurately estimate the capabilities of the VF-25 before Operation Carnival started.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. bakaneko says:

    @blissmo, I’m sure Ranka will beat the crap out of Sheryl—after all, she does have all her buggies—but rest assure Alto-hime will come to Sheryl’s rescue in dramatic fashion. 🙂

    @Crusader, yes, but if the other voices were ever to materialize in a body, it would be one whose voice is done by the same seiyuu. Right now, Ram is the only person with the same seiyuu as the young girl’s voice.

    Also, if not even Sheryl had any clue to see through Grace, I wouldn’t be surprise that Bobby would fail to sniff out the other moles in the SMS too. Some epic betrayals seem to be on the way.

  6. Lycan says:

    Ranka being the final boss together with the Vajra can be a nice twist. It’s all Gundam G from here on hahaha

  7. bakaneko says:

    Not sure if she’ll be the final boss but the queen she certain will be.

    It’ll be funny—and awesome—if reaching Queen Ranka will require Alto to sing. XD

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