Bleach (manga) 317: The Heart That Never Dies

To be able to stare down your captor who has only recently crushed your best hope of rescue, to refute his threat of ripping your chest apart and cracking your skull open with

I am not afraid,

to be able to do so not because you see your friends coming—in fact, you saw them went down one by one—but because you know since your own heart beats on for them therefore so do theirs for you; that, is

Orihime Inoue.

Possibly the biggest oversight by Aizen, counted out as completely useless by Ulquiorra, she may yet be the story arc’s biggest wild card.

Watch out, Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. Her strength only grows with passion and determination, not just in her heart, but in six—six hearts as one—to be metamorphosed as her real power yet unseen…


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3 Responses to Bleach (manga) 317: The Heart That Never Dies

  1. blissmo says:

    She’s so pretty in the manga, and yet weird looking in the anime

  2. Inuhanyou says:

    Lol i’m an ulquihime fan tbh, i considered their conversation pretty deep to be honest

  3. bakaneko says:

    @blissmo, some dame just looks better on the silver screen.

    @Inuhanyou, true… I’ve never seen Ulquiorra spent as much time as he did on an activity as held back as talking with someone as weak as he had considered her to be. Maybe ripping apart one’s chest and crushing one’s skull were just the Arrancar’s way of courtship.

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