Macross Frontier 14: A Path of No Return for Ranka

The true face of the Vajra?

Let’s make a conjecture on how Ranka is 1/4 Zentradi. Her father was probably half human, half Zentradi; her mom, on the other hand, given her absence in the photo at the lab and the revelation from this episode, was probably neither human nor Zentradi but instead a pure Vajra—perhaps the very creature that Alto had just destroyed. How that union could’ve taken place, I’ll leave to the fanfiction artists, but from this, we see that

Ranka = 1/4 human + 1/4 Zentradi + 1/2 Vajra.

What all this means is that Ranka is heading for some serious rough waters. She is the intersection of three races who have a history of teeth marks that rival those in the Middle East of our world. Which ever side hits one of the others, she will get hurt by it. In this episode, she already witnessed the person she loves killing what represented her mother. Was she supposed to be happy that her knight in armor came to save her or be sad that the one image of her mom was blown to smithereens right in front of her eyes?

But the bigger heartbreak for Ranka will be how Alto will respond to her newly discovered bloodline. Alto detests the Vajra. He draws the line between human and Vajra as if he draws the dichotomy between good and evil. Furthermore, with Sheryl being fully human, Ranka will find her self-esteem sinks yet another level in her competition for Alto. She has better hoped that her Vajra genes sprout tentacles and that Alto craves being wrapped by such.

The Gentle Vajra Race

Ranka’s love fleet. Those are hearts on the radar.

One growing speculation is that the Vajra could actually be the most peaceful of the three races. It’s arguable that so far their military advances have just been for the sole purpose of recovering their lost little queen. It was just Grace’s manipulation, by directing the space fold they use, that had led the mindless Vajra to cross paths with the humans, first to the Galaxy fleet, now to the Frontier. The Vajra simply returned fire after being fired upon first.

Now that the Vajra queen is dead, Ranka is set to succeed the throne. Ranka will become the Vajra’s next personality—all peace and loving. However, she will also become Grace’s next bestest friend—replacing Sheryl, whom Grace might have mistaken to be related to the Vajra previously. If someone as shrewd as Sheryl was fooled by Grace, there will be no chance in hell that Ranka will not submit to Grace’s scheme. Under Grace’s poison, Queen Ranka may start to incur her wrath drawn from both her jealousy and insecurity.

For those of you who are cheering for Ranka x Alto, it would be quite an epic ending to see love that can overcome both personal and universal hatred and racism.

This scene will repeat like Deja vu except Ranka would have fused with the giant monster like Sara Nome in Macross Zero.


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12 Responses to Macross Frontier 14: A Path of No Return for Ranka

  1. Haesslich says:

    … actually, her mother’s the green-haired Zentradi or half-Zentradi there who sung Aimo. Therefore, the father would be human.. and any Vajra bits are extra, inserted after birth.

  2. Crusader says:

    Not sure if the Vajra can be considered the most peaceful of the bunch they did waste Lima-8 without provocation in the first episode. Coming to a an enemy fleet and then scrambling every fighter available isn’t exactly a peaceful overture. If they are sentient and capable of advanced civilization then Grace’s meddling can only go so far. They already had Ranka safe and secure yet they tried to waste Island 1. They already have an agent in Frontier so there really is no need for them to drop by to secure Ranka when she is pretty safe already.

    I think Grace had always intended to dispose of Sheryl once she no longer needed a cover. After what alto-hime went through seeing his buddies get wasted it’s not going to be easy for hime to just forgive and forget.

  3. bakaneko says:

    @Haesslich, that woman does look more like a Zentradi than like a Vajra. So I wonder why not just say Ranka was half human, half Zentradi, with traces of Vajra instead? What is the significance of the 1/4?

    @Crusader, I don’t think the Vajra had any idea where they would end up when they entered the fold to avoid the Dimension Eater. It was Grace who had setup the communication fold so that they would end up at the Frontier’s door. Her purpose seems to get everybody fighting each other.

    Also, it was the Macross Quarter who fired first in this episode. If you provoke a snake, the snake will instinctively snap back. As for the Lima-8 incidence, the Vajra were probably on a offensive reconnaissance to ascertain the location of their little queen, after which they did retreat as soon as that was confirmed. Hmm… Why am I trying to defend the Vajra? lol.

  4. blissmo says:

    I am rooting for Alto-hime x Ranka, of course, so you just wait until I can come up with an epic way to end both their lives

  5. Shin says:

    Grace now reminds me of the Omar from Deus Ex 2. Several entities one consciousness.

  6. jacobian says:

    Er… I’d actually see the two talk about something meaningful for once. Let’s get past the infatuation stage first before we start talking about epic loves that transcend something or the other. :p

  7. bakaneko says:

    @blissmo, just a suggestion, how about have them go out in a suicide opera/duet? lol.

    @Shin, or the agents in Matrix. You kill their bodies but they keep respawning in another.

    @jacobian, dialogs? What kind of show do you take Macross for? They either slug it out on the battlefields or sing their hearts out on concert floors. THIS IS MACROSS! *kicks jacobian down a well*

  8. Haesslich says:

    She’s already said she’s quarter-Zentran. Given that her mother was the Zentran, or half-Zentran from what was revealed (they did note that Maaya Sakamoto was voicing the strange woman, whose visage has been spotted or hinted at in that shattered pic on the Global), that would make Ranka a quarter-Zent if her father was human.

    Besides which, from what I can tell, those weird things weren’t natively part of her.. which means they were likely implanted at some stage, either shortly after birth or just recently.

    And I still find Grace attractive, even if I know she likely wants me dead. Damn.

  9. Dein Bär says:

    You have noticed the picture with the microbes? At one end they had that pink transmitter crystal, the one Sheryl’s earrings were made of. That is probaly the Varja extra which is inserted into Ranka and hung below Sheryl ears. 🙂

  10. bakaneko says:

    I think if Ranka were to be recognized by the bugs to be their queen, then she has to be somehow fundamentally a Vajra queen. This means she must be composed of such genetic makeup.

    Moreover, if those inserts were genetically apart from her, then the drama might be lessen because what has been inserted before could potentially be taken out later.

    On the other hand, if Ranka is genetically Vajra, then you can’t just take the Vajra out of her. She will be innately Vajra, just as Alto is innately a kabuki actor. They both will have to overcome what their blood tell them to be in order to become what their hearts want instead.

    > And I still find Grace attractive, even if I know she likely wants me dead. Damn.

    Oh cool. For awhile I thought I was the only weird person who finds an evil, sociopathic cyborg attractive. XD

  11. Mike says:

    To Bakaneko: Ranka is, admittedly, 1/4 Zentran. It is unknown from whom she receives these genes, though it is possible that it’s actually her father, as her mother seems to bear some significance to the Vajra, combined with the fact that the Vajra have, no doubt, slayed many a Zentradi, along with human residents of Frontier and Galaxy. Now, it is explained that the Vajra that have attacked are simple, non-sentient beings; remotely controlled insectoid mechs, what have you. This means that there is outside, sentient control. From the Protoculture theory, it’s not a stretch at all to believe that a Vajra Sentient would be humanoid, perhaps even 99.99whatever% human, like a Zentran. Also, it seems that humans are the most inferior of the Protoculture’s creations, both physically, and mentally. If this is true, Ranka’s mom could, in fact be very similar to a Meltrandi. Conversely, she could be very similar to a human. So, theoretically, Ranka=1/4Human+1/4Zentradi+1/2VajraSent. (Father=1/2Human+1/2Zentradi; Mother=VajraSent.) If this is true, it explains most of the questions posed about Ranka’s origins. (It does, however raise other questions, like, “If this is true, what of the ‘Mao and Ranka have some genetic tie’ theory?”

  12. bakaneko says:

    Well, it’s still hard to tell. As others have pointed out, that image of Ranka’s mom did seem more like a Zentradi than a Vajra. Of course, that could just be the Vajra queen’s way of appealing to Ranka with a more familiar setting.

    However, I don’t like the theory that Ranka was simply 100% of her parent’s gene but with traces of Vajra added, because that makes the significance of Ranka being only 1/4 Zentradi seems rather out of place.

    I can’t say too much about the Mao theory since I did not see Macross Zero.

    I feel like, in regard to the mystery of Ranka, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

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