Chocolate Underground 4: When Chocolate Rots Your Brain

Translation: We’re in here!

Whew! For a while I thought Grey had convinced CACAO that fansubs are as evil as chocolate, but luckily my suspicion was proven wrong when the sub was finally released.

So, let me get this straight. They didn’t want to be found, but yet they posted a puzzle that could be solved by two teenagers. They painted their walls with an anti-radar substance, but yet they didn’t even bother putting a lock on the door. They had a security camera to give them early warnings to escape, but when somebody came knocking they all decided to hide under the tables topped with chocolate.

Maybe chocolate is bad for your brain after all.

I think I dropped ten IQ points just from watching this. The show not the chocolate.


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3 Responses to Chocolate Underground 4: When Chocolate Rots Your Brain

  1. issa-sa says:

    There is no intelligent reason to watch this show. CHOCOLATE 4TW (Okay, this explains the rubbish state of my mind now…)

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  3. blissmo says:

    I feel like .. vomiting at the sight of that chocolate cake 😛

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