Macross Frontier 13: Ranka, Queen of the Hive

Potentially Ranka’s true form

Queen of the Hive

This episode gives plenty of evidence that Ranka has more than just Zentrali blood flowing in her. Already in the prior episodes, that baby Vajra was somehow instinctively drawn to her as if an infant to their mother. Now in this episode, her stomach glows just as mother Vajra’s abdominal is ruptured, and the timing of her need to lay something in the forest could not have been totally unaligned to the mother Vajra’s own timing to lay its eggs either.

Maybe Alto is just a butt guy instead of a breast man after all.

Alto will disclaim having anything to do with this.

Then there is also the picture of a young Ranka inside a laboratory that has a specimen of a Vajra on board of a research ship that was first assumed to be obliterated but in reality turned into a Vajra’s nest. Too many mysteries. Was Ranka part of an experiment on the Vajra conducted secretly by some human? Did the Vajra attacked and captured Macross Global looking for something or someone? It seems like not even Grace knows for certain the answers to these questions.

If Ranka is indeed genetically connected to Vajra, then she is likely to go down the path of Sara Nome from Macross Zero: Everyone will want a piece of her as a scientific specimen, and she will eventually join with the Vajra. Rather or not she will end up as Sara Nome will probably depend largely on her deepening relationship with Alto-kun.

Alto Pwned Twice Thrice

Strike one!

Strike two!

Maybe Alto should not quit his day job as an actor after all. His piloting skill sucked. At least he was extremely lucky. He was saved twice, once by his friend—Michael shot Brera’s rifle off as he took first aim—and the other by his enemy—Grace called Brera off just as he took second aim. Well, we already know he’s no Kira Yamato, but as least in the past he did some nice posing to make up for it. But in this case, Brera beat him even in that category.

Strike three! Alto-kun, you suck!


That’s not a human arm.

It’s pretty obvious that the body of Grace was just some disposable form used by a yet unknown entity that wants war. The real Grace has probably been long disposed of. So, we now know less of who the antagonist of the show is than before, but we did learn that it wants to prolong the conflict between the microns and the macrons. Who would want that? Perhaps it’s the Protoculture seeking revenge. Whoever it is, it achieved only half of its goal: While the 33rd Zentrali force is completely wiped out with the entire planet, the Galactic Fairy escapes.

Return of the Galactic Fairy

Sheryl’s my Queen.

It’s nice to see how quickly Sheryl bounced back from her recent downfall. So characteristic of her: Plucky or reckless, she does put her own destiny into her own hands instead of waiting for heaven to deliver her luck. If she needs to fly, then she simply goes to become a pilot. Sure, she couldn’t really do it without help, but it is her spirit that leads others to follow her and lend her their help.

Next episode, the Vajra attacks Macross Frontier fleet. I’m excited to see what role Ranka will play, being all by herself deep in the belly of the Vajra mothership.

Pretty epic shit


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10 Responses to Macross Frontier 13: Ranka, Queen of the Hive

  1. deadguy says:

    So.. does this episode point to a MichaelxSheryl path? like Misa and Hikaru in DYRL ?

  2. bakaneko says:

    Oh, how do you see that? Seems like he has some repressed feelings toward Klan instead. He was uncomfortably trying to shake off why an image of Klan had suddenly popped into his head when he was mentally making fun of Alto having stubborn women. That usually points toward a sudden self-realization of hidden desire. Hmm… I have a sudden urge to call someone. brb. 🙂

  3. Bär says:

    Wow, Macross Frontier is by far the best Macross series until now.
    If they get a decent ending, this will be THE Macross.

    My bet is that Ranka and Sheryl are relatives, that crazy opening is certainly not for nothing.
    Best female cast in an anime since Negi Magi.
    Ah Klan Klan, ah.

    So far they do everything right.

    By the way the expanding sphere pretty much reminded me of Akira.
    And did you guys notice the company logo on that dimension doomsday machine?

    Best show this season, then Code Geass R2, then nothing beyond average.

  4. ann says:

    There is no Michael/Sheryl. He knows what she feels for Alto. Hopefully he might be in her corner. It seems everyone else is pushing for Alto x Sheryl.

  5. bakaneko says:

    @Bär, good catch. The logo is LAI, Luca’s parent’s company in advanced technologies. So, someone in LAI is supplying Grace and Brera and maybe even the Vajra’s ability to initiate space folds.

    @ann, Amen. Sister. 🙂

  6. blissmo says:

    If Sheryl goes with Michel, then Ranka can have Alto-hime all to herself and Sheryl won’t have to get killed by the bee hive.

  7. bakaneko says:

    I think I know what to expect in the next installment of suicide bunny. 🙂

  8. blissmo says:

    Haha, I can’t draw anime characters though D:

  9. Dein Bär says:

    @bakaneko: I have watched ep 14 in the meantime. So far we got some interesting clues.

    o Brera identified himself as Major of the Galaxy forces.
    o We also know that his purple fighter is able to fly at insane angles and accelerations because Brera’s cyborg body can withstand more G forces than a natural human would.
    o Sheryl described as one of her virtues that she was one of the few naturals aboard Macross Galaxy.
    o Grace had a cyborg body but shows up with a head ring, which is a rather unobstrusive way to connect to a computer, I would have expected a Ghost in the Shell / Matrix brain plug.

    So my impression is that Galaxy is specializing on developing technology to earn its buck. They seem to be quite advanced in that respect.

    On the other hand, the biological spaceships of the Varja look even more technological advanced. That might even be protoculture level technology.

    We have also seen Grace giving one of the pink crystals (Sheryl’s earrings) to Leon, which is probably some kind of emotions/Ranka songs transmitter by the Varja.

    So my guess is that the Galaxy government would kill for new technology and try to wrestle the secrets from the Varja. That LAI folks might be in one boat with the Galaxy bad asses.

    Guess we will learn more next episode.

  10. bakaneko says:

    @Dein Bär, yup. No doubt the story is slowly shifting the evilness from Vajra toward the humans—particularly the ex-research fleet, Macross Galaxy, and the current LAI corp.

    After all, the Vajra are mostly mindless creature driven by their instinct to survive only. Their only sentient being is the queen, and Ranka is filling that role soon. So, how evil can a bunch of mindless bugs under the leadership of a green hair girl whose biggest worry is how some purple hair drag queen thinks of her be? 🙂

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