Code Blue Promo: Yamapi, Gakki and Erika’s New Summer Show


Erika’s tongue action is so cute!

Wow, this show has some of the best looking people on Japanese television today. This promotion interview was aired few hours before the first episode airs today. (By the time you are reading this, someone should be uploading the raw for episode one already.) How can anyone resist not checking out at least the first episode?

Check out that perm!

Which to choose? It’s too hard!

I know I’ll definitely be watching this drama, no matter how dumb the story line may get. (I did mind-numbingly finish Gakki’s Papa to Musume no Nanokakan.) Rather or not I will blog it depends on how much I like the premise of the show. The setting seems to be about medical trainees taking part in a new Japanese initiative of using helicopters for medical emergencies. (This is new in Japan?) Yamapi will play a cool, confident person; Gakki, a top of the class but nevertheless insecure person; and Erika, a person who always has to win.

Of the three, Yamapi and Erika have already shown us to be capable of carrying loads of emotions in Pro Dai and Yukinojo Henge. Let’s hope Gakki can also surprise us with some new growth as an actress here.

Click on each pic to enlarge.

Since I believe no two of them have been cast together before, I don’t know what chemistry is to be expected out of them yet. The correlation chart suggests Erika’s character will cause troubles for Yamapi’s and Gakki’s characters, but Gakki’s character, on the other hand, will have a hard time understanding Yamapi’s character.

There is no hint of romance or angst, which would instantly make this show fiction since that’s like tossing fire, fuel and oxygen together and expecting no big kaboom, no matter how serious this show is supposed to be. But Japanese writers have done it before: Attention Please was such a show where the romance was nearly nonexistent.

Update: The raw for episode one is out!

I want to sit with them too. XD


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2 Responses to Code Blue Promo: Yamapi, Gakki and Erika’s New Summer Show

  1. blissmo says:


    And I’m still watching ROOKIES as well

  2. bakaneko says:

    lol. That was my first reaction too. YAMAPI! haha.

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