Chocolate Underground 3: WWDD?


First, no chocolate; then, no valentine; now, not even sugar, vanilla nor honey is legal. Ok, we are seriously talking about the castration of the tongue here.

Life is looking tougher and tougher by the days for our two crusaders Huntley and Smudger. Mom and pop are starting to go emo because the family’s bakery business is going down the drain. The only way out seems to be solving the puzzle of the week, whose answer is as shocking as this show makes sense: Go find some freaking cocoa beans.

But before getting to some cocoa, they might have to go through some CACAO—the same military enforcement who raided the poor grannies with SWAT, snipers and claws of mecha back in episode one. The CACAO is onto the cocoa, and in the next episode, our crusaders will be unknowingly walking in between the two.

Future chocoholic


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5 Responses to Chocolate Underground 3: WWDD?

  1. blissmo says:

    this show is becoming rather inspirational

  2. bakaneko says:

    @blissmo, are you on a diet? 🙂

  3. blissmo says:


    Oh hell no! That’s the last thing I’d do since I eat like a pig and yet im thin as a stick. I just can’t handle too much sweet stuff and the sight of lots of sugar, sweets, candy and cake makes me sick XD

  4. bakaneko says:

    > the sight of lots of sugar, sweets, candy and cake makes me sick

    lol. I wonder what your valentine day looks like then. 🙂

  5. blissmo says:

    Haha! Everyone I know knows I don’t really like sweets, so thank goodness. And I keep forgetting when it’s Valentine’s day as well, my bad!

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