Macross Frontier 12: Ranka Drew Blood

The only blood drawn in the entire episode.

Ranka turned out to be the only deadly weapon in this little revolt. Her one little twinkle of the eye and all the men dropped all their guns with one of them even exploded into an eruption of nosebleed—the only blood drawn despite countless of shots fired.

On the story front, it’s obvious it was Grace who poisoned Sheryl. Poor Sheryl, for the first time, experienced events completely outside of her control. She barely had enough strength to even say, “I am Sheryl Nome.” Despite all her planning, she could not keep Alto away from Ranka on his birthday. At the end, Sheryl had unwittingly handed over her originally intended gift for Alto of flying-in-open-sky, into the hands of Ranka, who flew with him in her place instead. The galactic fairy had suddenly become helpless.

This scene of Alto screaming in anguish as he plunged the dagger, reminds me of Shinji’s own with the fourth angel in Evangelion.

On the other hand, Alto experienced his recurring theme of innate nature versus cultured nature: His blood is that of an actor, but he desire is that of a pilot. Obviously, in this episode, Ranka’s cultural lesson in music had overcome the Zentradi’s innate thirst of blood. And similarly, under Ranka’s singing of Aimo, so did the pilot-wannabe actor triumphed. It would be interesting to see if this same theme would extend to Ranka and Sheryl in the later episodes. Already, we see that Sheryl is not as strong as she appears to be and that Ranka is not as helpless as she was before.

Lastly, the music in this episode was simply amazing. As incoherent as the rest of the episode was, the music saved the episode just as Ranka saved Alto. Usually in an insert-song scene, the scene remains the focus with the insert song enhancing the atmosphere; however, in this case, it was more like the songs were the focus and the scenes were just there as support instead. Near the end of the episode, I wasn’t caring so much about what had happened in the story as I was just enjoying the music.

Watch out, Mikuru beam!


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9 Responses to Macross Frontier 12: Ranka Drew Blood

  1. rroknedaj says:

    Seems a bit weird, but then again this is my first macross series after all. xD

  2. blissmo says:

    I loved the music as well!

  3. Impz says:

    Ranka = Rabu Rabu Ranka club.

    That’s all.

  4. bakaneko says:

    @rroknedaj, were you trying to make sense of it? 🙂

    @Impz, if every member gets an iSlug as proof of membership, sign me up! I guess I’ll settle for a green pokemon also.

  5. Kuro says:

    Next episode is called Memory of Global…

    I wonder if it’ll involve Bruno J. Global from the original macross…

    I need Macross 7 references NOW dammit!

    The Macross at the end was a mindf*ck for most fans of the original series…

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  7. bakaneko says:

    @kuro, don’t know much about any other Macross series: Ranka popped my Macross cherry. I guess this is why I was completely unmoved with the last scene. But if you have good Macross 7, I don’t mind you sharing some. 🙂

  8. Mike says:

    NOSEBLEED! I wonder: Could you drown in a Zentran Nosebleed? Time to find out… Ranka, you stand here, and Alto, stand right here. (Pushes Alto directly under a Zentran’s nose.) Ok, Ranka, SING! *Ranka sings, Zentran Nosebleed, Alto drowns* OH MY GOD! It worked! Now, someone get something to clean this mess up… *Walks away*

  9. bakaneko says:

    Haha, we should get blissmo to draft that scenario up into one of her next comic strip.

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