Chocolate Underground 1: Chocolate Is the New Crack

In the near future, where a couple of grannies armed with a dangerous plate of chocolate would require the combined forces of a SWAT team and a multimillion dollar mecha with the claws of death to subdue, one political party arises to answer the call of justice:

The Totally Healthy Party

who would spare no expense on contraptions like these:

in order to prevent any viewer from changing the channel, turning off the TV, or even lowering the volume while their message is on, …

… so that they can deliver this important message to all mankind: that

and more importantly, that it causes dreadful

dental complications.

That’s basically the premise of Chocolate Underground. A new law, rectified as 1st article, 3rd clause, stipulates that,

No person can produce and sell, buy or own, or consume chocolate or any product containing chocolate.

As wild as that may sound, it’s really not when you substitute the word chocolate with the name of any of the currently illegal substance. I mean why should crack be illegal when alcohol … hold it … this is anime. Let’s not get overly serious here, and just enjoy the madness. 🙂

Next episode: Chocolate smuggling. Would sniffer dogs even be willing to get near chocolate?


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8 Responses to Chocolate Underground 1: Chocolate Is the New Crack

  1. rroknedaj says:

    Say it ain’t so! *o*

  2. issa-sa says:

    Oh yea, I’ve always pitied dogs being violently allergic to chocolate – or at any rate it kills them.

  3. bakaneko says:

    @rroknedaj, it ain’t so. see, that wasn’t so hard. 🙂

    @issa-sa, violently? last time i saw it happened, the dog was just pooping his guts out so badly he didn’t stand on his own legs for 2 days.

  4. issa-sa says:

    Wow, you’ve seen it happen? I heard it kills them outright, but I guess it’s another one of those animal myths -_-“

  5. bakaneko says:

    Well, I didn’t see the dog in the act of eating it, but what I saw was definitely not a pretty sight. He did survive it afterward.

  6. blissmo says:

    Finally, someone’s answered my prayers: no more chocolate

  7. LoliHat says:

    Remember, Fast Food places have already been sued over making people fat — and FDA regulation just keeps on getting heavier an heavier.

    Anyway, Chocolate is addictive and destructive…just look at any middle aged woman going through menopause…

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