Macross Frontier 11: Alto’s Birthday Wish

When you wish upon a star…

A definite character-building episode for our hero Alto. It’s his birthday, and he’s presented with three birthday presents. His choice will reveal what his heart desires. Let’s first review his choices:

1. Be a Good Son

Another second best

It’s pretty obvious that Alto resents his dad for turning him into what he does not desire. The funny thing is that Alto is probably a much better kabuki performer than he is a pilot, since he seems to have built an impressive portfolio on stage already. In any case, I don’t think he hates so much being a kabuki performer as being kept away from achieving his dream of becoming a pilot. And for this purpose, he risks being disowned by his father.

Now, he is offered a chance to reconcile with his dad, but is Alto a family person?

2. A Date With a Loli

Shakugan no Ranka is fine too.

OK. I will admit that Ranka would make a pretty good wife material. Despite her growing success in her dream career, she is the girl next door whose bigger dream is to spend a simple afternoon at the local park eating her homemade variable fighter cookies with her boyfriend. Her priority is certainly Alto, but with a sex pot that is Sheryl around Alto all the time, Ranka can’t help but feel that she is only second best.

Nevertheless, she finally draws up enough courage to ask Alto for a date, but is Alto seeking a relationship right now?

3. A Couple of Tuna Buns

Which one is hope, which one is dream?

How can a teenage boy, at the sight of a sex pot like Sheryl fondling her tuna buns like that, still be able to stand upright like that? It’s this nonchalant attitude that makes me question Alto’s sexual orientation.

Anyway, it’s becoming apparent that Sheryl does like Alto, but her strong personality would not allow her to submit herself to something as humiliating as a love confession. As much as she is more successful than Ranka in career, she hasn’t gone as far as Ranka in admitting her real feeling to Alto. Instead of asking him out on a date like Ranka, Sheryl has to use an ulterior excuse of offering him a chance to fly in open sky—a desire that she must have detected very well in him already—to keep him beside her.

Of course, the problem is ultimately with Alto: Is he interested in that kind of “people’s hopes and dreams” right now—or ever?

Alto’s Final Choice

Why would the future still use black-and-white film?

Ultimately, he didn’t choose his father, Ranka, or Sheryl; instead, he chose himself—his childhood dream. With this decision, he sets himself out to be the opposite of Ranka: While Ranka’s priority is him over her career, his is his dream over her. And in the same sense, his personality is more aligned with Sheryl’s: They both place more emphasis on their ambitions over their relationships. Of course, all these could change over time, but for now, we are seeing a lone wolf Alto.

New Face of Evil

Finally, a female antagonist!

On another note, there was a huge surprise: Manager Grace turned out to be the one pulling the strings with the burgundy pilot Brera and dealing secretly with the Macross Frontier officer Leon. With Grace’s luring of Sheryl toward the planet Gallia 4, I wouldn’t be surprise that Leon was the one luring the 33rd Marine Force toward Gallia 4 also. The mystery now is what does bringing these two parties together would do for them.

No Macross Frontier next week again Correction by jacobian, there will be Macross Frontier next week.

“Next week’s Macross F will be delivered at night from 1:29.” Does Japan have something equivalent to the TiVo?


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4 Responses to Macross Frontier 11: Alto’s Birthday Wish

  1. jacobian says:

    No Macross Frontier on TBS. It airs as normal on MBS.

  2. bakaneko says:

    O.O I don’t know how I came to think that. I verified it at the official site

    and it has no mention of no airing next week. Where did you see that TBS won’t be airing?

    And Thanks for the correction, jacobian.

  3. jacobian says:

    Actually, the TBS airing just has a delay. I guess I remembered it slightly incorrectly. :p

    It was brought up on the Macross World forums.

  4. bakaneko says:

    Oh OK. Anyway, thanks for sharing that site.

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