Bleach (manga) -98 to -97: End of the Turn Back the Pendulum Arc

The return of the Vizards

So these two chapters wrap up this little setup, prequel arc. Next chapter should be back to the original timeline with the battle at hand in Karakura town (or a replacement of it).

Starting with -98, Kisuke and Tessai came just in time to prevent Aizen from finishing off Hirako and the other seven shinigami-turned-hollow. Unfortunately, both of them had grossly underestimated Aizen, and Aizen got away with no effort at all. However, their bigger mistake was talking to him: From their conversation, Aizen learned of Kisuke’s own little secret experimentation with hollowfication also.

Cooler than Batman in flight

So, in -97, Aizen decided to kill two birds with one stone: He framed Kisuke for all of the recent soul disintegrations as well as Hirako’s party’s demise so that he could quell any further investigation by the Gotei 13 and gain access into Kisuke’s lab, which would’ve likely held some documents regarding the Hougyoku.

The rest of the chapter has no surprise: Kisuke failed to reverse the hollowfications; both Kisuke and Tessai were convicted by Central Room 46; the eight vizards were sentenced to be dealt with as Hollows; but Yoruichi rescued them all; and all of them became fugitives. The rest, we already know.

Overall, this arc has greatly enriched the characters of those vizards with both blood and tears. In fact, the teeth marks they have with Aizen go even deeper than that Ichigo has with him. Looking forward in present time, no doubt it will be the Vizard’s scores to settle with Aizen. This is why I love Bleach so much: The battles are not just awesome fight sequences, but they are also dramatic and tempestuous struggles.

with so much love the vizards want to give to Aizen


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3 Responses to Bleach (manga) -98 to -97: End of the Turn Back the Pendulum Arc

  1. CJ Blackwing says:

    I didn’t really care about the vizards until these flashback chapters. Their inner-drama crap was cool, but it’s their connections with Urahara that got me really interested ^_^;;

  2. bakaneko says:

    Yea, before this arc, I’ve always thought the vizards were somewhat weak and accidental. Never did I guess once that they had such a deep rooted past with the rest of the cast.

  3. watsupmynoodle says:

    loved the Vizords from the beginning now i love them even more
    i wanna see the chapter were the Vizords come into the Winter War i wanna see everyones reations especially Urahara

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