Last Friends 10: A Monster’s Heart

The white is Michiru’s gown—her pureness;
the red, the monster’s last sacrifice—his love.

A scorpion asked a frog to carry him across a river. Afraid of the scorpion’s deadly sting, the frog asked the scorpion why she should trust him, to which the scorpion replied, “were I to sting you while we are both on the river, I would drown with you as well.” This made sense to the frog, and so she took the scorpion on his back to cross the river. Midway through the river, however, the scorpion stung the frog! As they both started to sink into their watery grave, the frog asked why, to which the scorpion answered, “I am a scorpion; this is my nature.”

Would it be a surprise to anyone if I say that Sousuke had indeed loved Michiru? Of course, the important thing to note here is that we are not talking about how a normal human would love but rather how a monster would. For example, while no one would accept a woman who cannibalizes her husband as a natural spousal relationship, we would accept it as so for the black widow spiders.

But how could that be love? Well, why else would he do what he did at the end of the episode? Revenge—maybe, so that he can get back at Michiru for still thinking of her friends more than for him. But I prefer to think like this instead: He did love her, although in a totally twisted way.

Through out the entire series, his idea of love was to be with that person and to protect that person—no matter what obstacles there may be. This is evident from the very first episode when he asked Michiru to move in with him. When there is no sign of “threats”, he can be the most gentle and genuine person on Earth, as it is evident with his tender treatment of that kid; but as soon as he detected even a glimpse of red light, he would, in the name of protecting Michiru, turned on anyone—ironically including Michiru herself. To not be with Michiru was to not love her—something that was totally unacceptable in his sight.

So, he started to eliminate threats that he deemed may separate them—threats such as Ruka looking at Michiru with man’s eyes, Michiru’s male customers at the salon, Michiru’s outings that may leave her astray, and Takeru’s claim to be Michiru’s boyfriend. His need to physically overcome both Takeru and Ruka was simply to reaffirm to himself that only he himself alone was strong enough to protect Michiru. On the other hand, he had never even spoken badly of Eri since she was never a threat to take Michiru away from him. In fact, he was downright patient and tolerant of her constant berating of him.

At the end of the day, he had believed that he and Michiru would be happy if he could protect their relationship and keep them together.

All this came crashing down when he could not stop the tears falling incessantly on Michiru’s cheek. He could not comprehend why she was in pain even though she was back with him. He must had thought that since he had just rescued their relationship, they should both be happily ever after. Later, as he was going through the photos of Michiru at the Share House, he saw something that was foreign to him: Michiru’s free and bright smiles. Not the tears that was ten feet away from him in his bedroom. He then realized that it was at the Share House that she had found happiness.

But he realized one more thing: His monstrous nature would not allow her to be free of his clutch. So, in the ultimate—and last—expression of his love for her, he set her free in the only way he knew how: He took himself out.

The scorpion had stung himself before he stung the frog.

A monster’s heart


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6 Responses to Last Friends 10: A Monster’s Heart

  1. irugnotmis says:

    well written!

  2. vrosemarie says:

    I agree! That story sorta reminded me of Gensomaden Saiyuki, haha… Anyway, I love this series but I’m like, thank god it’s ending… It’s been quite a ride.

  3. bakaneko says:

    @ irugnotmis, thanks.

    @ vrosemarie, I do wish that the series can spend a few more episodes to flush out the other plot threads such as Takeru’s past and Eri’s “solitude” though.

  4. Jfo says:

    ahh I love how you analyze these =D I can’t wait until ep 10. I guess my prediction of the ‘croacker’ being ruka was wrong. It makes way more sense this way though, ahh, my senses failed me haha

  5. bakaneko says:

    Well, it could’ve worked too if Ruka were to be the one to croak, but then the message of the story might be different. Anyway, this is the path that the writers took, and I do say that I like their choice.

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