Macross Frontier 10: The Rise of Ranka

Finally, the light of dawn shines for Ranka.

I’ve never liked Ranka—and I still don’t, because I still think she’s way overrated, too old to be a loli, too young to be a vixen—but it’s still quite satisfying to see someone who’s been consistently overlooked by everyone, overshadowed by peers, yet having the resilience to wipe their tears off their face and strive on, doing absolutely mediocre tasks in order to walk down a path that can’t be seen beyond the next step; to suddenly, see a glimp of hope. *tears*

Of course, this is fiction and Ranka is the main character, so we all know she will succeed; but the prior episodes have done such a great job on exposing her lingering pain and despair insidiously admist the larger plot of the battle with the Vajra, that I have unknowingly developed sentiments for Ranka. I do give a damn after all!

The Legend of Zero

Flying on the wings of love

Don’t lynch me or anything, but I have never watched any other Macross series. So, there must’ve been tons of references that just flew over my head. Of course, that’s nothing that an entry in Wikipedia can’t fix.

So, the situation of the two sisters in Macross Zero does strike quite a parallel to the situation with Sheryl and Ranka: Both pairs are in competition of a pilot, who was initially wary of them but slowly warmed up to them. (But then again, how many male leads aren’t like that in anime?) If we dare to extrapolate this parallelization further, then either Ranka or Sheryl will strike a deal with the forces behind the Vajra and end up sacrificing her life to save Alto and the Macross Frontier colony. My guess is it will be Ranka and that the burgundy dude Brera will be the catalyst.

Ranka’s Debut Song

Finally, Ranka’s aimo~tori no hito deserves some love. This is the special version with the Bird Human theme. Enjoy.

“Next episode of Macross F will be delivered on 6/19 (Thu.) at 1:25am.” Wow, kids get to stay up at 1:25am in Japan.


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  1. sillypanda says:

    Thats why we have TiVo. 😀

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