Last Friends 09: It’s Guessing Game—Who’s Gonna Croak?

Don’t guess so soon yet.

So, this is what it has come to: Last Friends is on its final stretch—this episode and the next—and the writers decide to turn it into a suspense of who is going to bite the dust.

The writers have flirted with us a couple time already—first, with the preview of last episode showing a beaten up Takeru; and second, with the ending of this episode showing a pinned down Ruka. But just as it was just a Red Herring with Takeru, I’m pretty sure Ruka will survive this one. I mean Sousuke can’t be thinking of trying to straighten Ruka out. 🙂 (Oops. Is this not a good time to joke around on such serious matter?)

Wow, it’s been ages since a smile so bright and free is on Ruka’s face.

Anyway, episode ten is going to play out like the movie Final Destination, where you know someone is going to die but you just can’t tell when and how (and in this case, who too). My guess is that there will be one big struggle at the end of which some totally random, unexpected sequence of events will drop our jaws in disbelief. If there is one thing Last Friends has done well so far, it is getting the viewers fuming on the senseless violence. So, brush up on your worst curses and make sure you watch Last Friends where your mom and dad won’t hear you, come this Thursday.

Cute overload alert with Michiru’s twin ponytails.

As much as this does bring the story to a climax, I am not sure I like this change of pace. After all, there are still other important dramatic elements to explore before going into the suspense, thriller mode. But of course, there are only two more episodes left, and there aren’t enough time to let the remaining plot lines unfold. The only plot lines that are well flushed out are Michiru becoming independent and Ruka no longer bound by her secret. But it still leaves some major plot lines unexplored: What is the meaning behind the cookies from Takeru’s sister? What is the deal with Sousuke and that kid? Has Eri begun showing her real struggle with solitude yet? There are enough stuff here to fill another season of Last Friends, but I’m not sure I have enough stamina to last through another eleven episodes of WTF’s.

Not in one of his better forms.

The preview says next episode will be the final episode, but that just means the end of the main story with the entangling relationships involving Michiru, Ruka, Takeru and Sousuke. Starting from episode eleven, everyone should have parted ways and the story should take us back to the beginning of episode one where a pregnant Michiru tries to manage life on her own. Hopefully, the series will then wrap up on a high note.

Enjoy this scene while you can, all you Ruka X Takeru fans, because I doubt we’ll see another one ever again.


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3 Responses to Last Friends 09: It’s Guessing Game—Who’s Gonna Croak?

  1. shro says:

    dang. i just spoiled it for myself. thanks, though!

  2. bakaneko says:

    Oops. What did I spoil? How could I though? Episode nine was a cliffhanger.

  3. shro says:

    oh no no. i hadn’t seen episode 9 then. but yeah, a definite cliffhanger!

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