Last Friends Poll: Who Is Going to Bite the Dust?

It’s Takeru—according to this preview scene for episode 9.

Note: I’m not asking who deserves to die. I’m asking whose death it was that Michiru mentioned in episode one.

So, who is going to bite the dust?

Update: Hmm… The poll is still in its incipient stage, but the result so far is surprising me. So, I would appreciate it if you can also leave just a word or two on why you picked whom you picked.

Update 2: Result of the poll


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7 Responses to Last Friends Poll: Who Is Going to Bite the Dust?

  1. irugnotmis says:

    who would you put your chip on?

  2. bakaneko says:

    I’m still putting my chips on Takeru, although Eri is starting to get a bit too attached toward Sousuke. Not a good sign. I hope she’s not just in the show as canon fodder.

  3. Salz says:

    i think it might be Eri….
    she seem so lonely and no one realise it…..

  4. Amy says:

    I’m sad to say that it might be Eri… le sigh. I don’t want her to die! Actually, I don’t want anyone to die, LOL.

  5. bakaneko says:

    Eri? Next to Michiru (which seems logically impossible anyway), Eri is the least of the character I thought would croak, mainly because she hasn’t given enough impact in the show to give the viewers any sense of real loss.

    Furthermore, her nonchalant attitude about friendships and relationship does not help make the audience like her any better either.

    But she has been getting a lot more screen time since the past two episodes. And we still have a few more episodes to go…

  6. irugnotmis says:

    from the look of episode 9, Ruka or Sosuke might croak any minute. it just seems that Takeru getting hurt is a catalyst for one of the two to die.

  7. Jfo says:

    hmm my vote is takeru or ruka. Ahh this show is so intense! I agree with you, Eri never crossed my mind as a person that might croak. I guess…we’ll see though!

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