Bleach (manga) -100: Guess What? It’s Just Aizen—Again.

Same old scene, just with a younger versions of themselves.

Finally an action packed chapter, but the revelation at the end just deflates any excitement that had just built up.

Why does the bad guy have to be Aizen again?

When they’re talking about events over a hundred years ago, you would’ve expected the characters to be different from what they are today. Reminiscing about the past is one plot device to give characters more depths by showing the transformation from whom they used to be—like showing the seed before the tree or the catapillar before the butterfly.

So, when I first saw the Vizards as what they eventually came to hate and a young Byakuya whose temperament was as different as day and night from his current self, I was like this is far-out. Finally, something fresh out of these old characters. I was eager to see the metamorphosis.

Because of that, my expectation rose concerning the other characters as well—in particular, Aizen, Tosen and Gin. Surely, Aizen wasn’t born evil, Tosen’s first words weren’t I will follow Aizen, and Gin must’ve frown at least once because of acne.

So, why were they just the same as they are a hundred years later?

These negative-numbered chapters essentially form the prequel to the main story of Bleach. Most prequels feature a different set of the main cast. In the Lord of the Rings, the prequel The Hobbit featured Bilbo as the protagonist and the dragon Smug as the antagonist; the Ring of Power took a back seat. In Star Wars, Dark Vader was actually the hero in the prequel; he took a 180° turn to become the antagonist.

Bleach—Turn Back the Pendulum—seems to offer a different cast too. We have Hirako and Kisuke leading the main cast, and I’m still hoping that Ichigo’s dad Isshin would eventually take over as the hero here. So, why not introduce a different antagonist? Let Aizen take a back seat, and show us how he succeeded him.

In short, give us Aizen’s past.

Or are the writers planning to have us wait for chapters -209?


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4 Responses to Bleach (manga) -100: Guess What? It’s Just Aizen—Again.

  1. kuromitsu says:

    I suppose Aizen will have a long and detailed flashback when/just before he’s defeated. That would make more sense, to me anyway, than giving his background now and ruining the whole “who the hell is this guy anyway?” suspense.

  2. bakaneko says:

    If Inuyasha can serve as an example, then Aizen will never be defeated. The moment he is defeated is the moment Bleach will end.

    I would prefer that the writers not ruin the suspense as you have stated too, but I just want a new dimension to one of my favorite characters in Bleach.

  3. kuromitsu says:

    Well, even Bleach has to end someday… the Winter War arc has already begun, and unless Aizen manages to escape again (to Hell? :D), or there’s another storyline that can be continued, the end of the Winter War will probably be the end of Bleach. (Nooo, a never-ending shounen fight manga can’t end in my lifetime!)

    Kubo may have problems with pacing and maneuvering such a huge cast, but it seems to me that he has the story mostly planned out, and doesn’t just make it up as he goes, which I always thought was the case with manga like Inuyasha and One Piece (the difference is, though, that One Piece doesn’t even pretend to have an overall story arc). Which means that he probably has a (somewhat) clear idea of where he’s going. I’m not saying Bleach will end anytime now, but the Winter War has been pretty much set as the culmination of the story.

  4. bakaneko says:

    Barring from a nearly impossible collapse in sales on Bleach products, Aizen will succeed in this arc and gain the entrance to the King’s chamber, which will conveniently be located in another dimension of the universe whose size is as huge as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, so that our heros will get yet another maze to run around aimlessly for another 100 chapters.

    Honestly, I don’t about that at all—not as long as they keep the story interesting and the characters fresh. Bleach has a huge cast of characters that I have enjoyed tremendously so far.

    I just don’t want Bleach to become a dead horse beaten to death over and over again with the same tiring old plot and staling character personalities.

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