Macross Frontier 08: Fumoffu? NOT

Don’t switch channel. This really is a post on Macross Frontier.

How we made the transition from a life & death space battle to a pantsu pokemon chase in high school is beyond me. As much fun as watching a panty-less Sheryl running around recklessly and hoping she would land crotch first on the face of some nose-bleeding four eyes were, I couldn’t help but feel that this episode has totally deflated the excitement from the last episode. I’m not saying the writers should’ve tried to top it—if that can be done at all—but they should’ve at least tried to ride on it instead of giving us this totally disconnected, third rated comedy filler.

It\'s just eggs.
It’s just some life-giving white texture protein. 🙂

But if they were going to give us a filler, at least go all crazy with it instead of stopping at PG-13. If Sheryl were to dash around panty-less crashing into every wall, then have her crash crotch first into the face of some nose-bleeding four eyes. They did something similar in Full Metal Panic Fumoffu?, except it was a boy crashing face first into a man’s crotch instead, which cracked me up for days afterward. Or they could’ve just ripped-off consulted that Mai Hime episode where a Child stole Natsuki’s panties forcing her to walk around the campus panty-less. Unfortunately, they didn’t let the wind blow here. Grrr…

Update: Thanks to famfiel in the comments, this is the missing scene from Macross Frontier 08.

This is not one of Sheryl’s better lines.

Even the fanservice felt innocuous. Fanservice works only when it disgusts us a little bit but at the same time also makes us feel guilty a little bit for the pleasure of watching it. Look, Sheryl is not the kind of girl who would just merely comment on the proportion of another girl—especially not while both of them are naked—but instead, she would grab those orbs and start measuring the elasticity of the said structure. Anybody remember what Haruhi did to Mikuru in the second episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?

It’s not easy to live in the shadow of someone else.

All in all, if the last episode was 10 out of 10, then this episode was at best a 2. I gave it a 2 instead of a 1 because there was some pivotal character development with Ranka. So far, she’s always been the first-to-be-there-but-always-second-best girl, and this episode highlights just that: She was the first to go to the school and all spotlights were on her for a brief moment, but then Sheryl stormed right in and completely stole all the spotlights from her. Later on, even though she had an appearance booked first on some TV show, it was preempted by Sheryl’s impromptu appearance. Last and certainly not least, instead of touring the campus with Alto-kun, she was replaced with Sheryl’s flight in lingerie toward the sunset—or whatever that was. This has not been the best of times for Ranka. Then suddenly in this low point of her life, a mysterious pilot showed up in front of her. Something is brewing here.

Need more cowbells.


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6 Responses to Macross Frontier 08: Fumoffu? NOT

  1. bakaneko says:

    @famfiel, that is hilarious! YOu’re the man. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

  2. famfiel says:

    No problem. 😉

  3. Hatsuki says:

    Nice pic, although, saddly that never happened… anyway, I think this episode had a low level of animation compare to rest of the series, but was quite funny, and lots of fanservice by Sheryl, which I loved it (Sheryl fan!), but I hope this is the last time we see this kind of episode in Macross Frontier…

  4. bakaneko says:

    Wow, a Sheryl fan! And I thought I was last of the species. Give me five!

  5. sillypanda says:

    I think this episode was meant to make the audience dislike sheryl (with the exception of you perverted boys :P) and to side with Ranka(the MAIN character) more. And they acheived that goal. Go Ranka xDD gambatte!

    P.S. Sheryl is getting so annoying. roar.

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